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She also thanked her *real* friends for being there for her during this difficult time.
Kris Aquino is addressing speculations about her health.In an Instagram post uploaded on Monday, the TV host-actress called out *trolls* for spreading rumors that she's in the ICU and in critical condition. "None of that is true. Ayaw
'It became clear to me what his true feelings for me had been.'
ICYMI, Kris Aquino and former DILG Secretary Mel Sarmiento have broken up after being caught in a whirlwind romance. According to the TV host-actress, she has no plans of getting back together with her ex-fiancé, especially since she felt used
"I want to spare myself and my loved ones from further rumors and speculation."
It's the end of the road for Kris Aquino and her fiancé Mel Sarmiento.The Queen of All Media spoke out after news of their breakup started circulating online, following netizens noticing that she deleted all traces of Mel on
The appreciation post comes after Mel defended Kris from a statement made by Herbert Bautsta.
Quoting her favorite lyrics from Taylor Swift's song "Better Man," Kris Aquino shared an appreciation post for her fiance Mel Sarmiento after he defended her from comments made by the senatorial aspirant and former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.To
He's from a long lineage of heroes and public servants.
In an Instagram post on October 24, 2021, Kris Aquino announced her engagement to Mel Senen Sarmiento. Although their relationship was widely speculated in August 2021, many people are still unaware the two were a couple. Mel was born in Manila to
'Lumipad siya from ganitong place dumating siya sa subdivision tapos sabi niya po-protektahan daw niya ako.'
One of the unfortunate side-effects that come with being a celebrity are all the fans who don't respect personal boundaries. With fame, you can't just go out and expect everything to be fine. There are plenty of
Some of them have starred in more than than one international movie!
Time and again, Filipinos have proven our talents are not to be overlooked in the global arena. From making history at the Olympics, to drumming up noise in the music scene, to bagging Tony Awards, we can always find something to be
Take notes, you guys!
With how uncertain our economy has been due to the pandemic, it's high-time we take a good look at our money and how we're spending it. Sure, the world of finance may be an intimidating terrain to
Fans ask: Who is this ~special someone~?
It looks like Kris Aquino has a new *special someone* in her life! She recently took to Instagram to share a birthday greeting for an unnamed man, posting a photo with the words: "Thank you for coming into my life...Happy Birthday!"
Is her estimated net worth really $6 million?!
No sooner had Bea Alonzo signed an exclusive contract with GMA-7, a career move that shocked her fans, than it started the buzz it was all about talent fee.A director, without naming the actress, tweeted, "Bakit, naghihirap na ba siya?"
It was clear they were the best buddies!
The morning of June 24, 2021 brought news of the death of former Philippine president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. And the one person that instantly came to our mind: Josh.No matter your political leaning, everyone knew how Noynoy doted on his
'Nagpapaalam, pinapalaya, pinapaubaya ko na sa Kanya'
Moira Dela Torre just sang a special and moving version of her song, "Paubaya."The singer rewrote the lyrics and performed the song on June 25, Friday, during the wake of former president Noynoy Aquino, who passed away on June 24 due
The siblings' complicated relationship lasted for several years.
Former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III has passed away at 61 years old due to kidney disease, a complication of his diabetes. ABS-CBN reports that on June 24, his youngest sister Kris Aquino gave an emotional address to the media while
He still had a bullet lodged in his neck from a shooting in the 1980s.
Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino died on Thursday, June 24. The 15th President of the Republic served from 2010 to 2016 and was known for many things: his economic policies that lifted the country's ratings to investment grade, his stand
Janella revealed she got liposuction, even though she was afraid to do so at first.
Filipinos are becoming more open about getting different cosmetic procedures and areeven posting about them online! The same goes for celebrities, so...In September 2021, Janella opened up about her weight loss journey after giving birth to her son Jude Trevor Paterson.
'But if you say 'Uy, beki si Bimb, kadiri,' that's wrong.'
Yesterday evening, Kris Aquino shared a video on Facebook where she and her son Bimby Aquino talk and ask each other very honest questions. Kris said of the video, "This is Bimb's story. Ang kwento nya, ang katotohanan ng buhay nya,
'The bullying you are doing is a reflection of your homophobic attitudes.'
Kris Aquino went all out in her latest Instagram post in response to the recent news regarding her sons.Recently, Josh and Bimby Aquino have been caught in the middle of several stories that Kris refuted.She was specifically talking about the
You want more ~tears~?!
We got the *closure* we needed after seeing the "Paubaya" music video starring former love team and real-life exes Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. It was painful, raw, and it left many of us absolutely wrecked! But just in case you
Somewhere in these halls, they etched their names on old chairs and wrote their initials on the walls.
Planning to enroll your *future* kids somewhere? Why not the high schools of the Philippines' most famous, where today's celebrities graced the halls and sat through classes like the rest of us peasants? Before these stars played high-schoolers,