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It's everyone's favorite rom-com series right now!
If you, like me, binged Emily In Paris in one sitting, then congratulations! It's time for a re-watch! Netflix's new rom-rom series was our feel-good escape from reality and filled our screens with beautiful Parisian
Season 1 spoilers, but they're worth it.
New Netflix show Emily In Paris may have received a mixed bag of reviews so far, but we really don't think anyone can argue with the fact it's an irresistibly easy watch. Case in point: we're
Bring on Season 2!
You probably spent at least some part of Emily In Paris thinking that Emily, Camille, and Gabriel were headed toward a threesome. Well, you weren't wrong. Although it never comes to fruition, apparently the show's creators always planned
Pop your champere!!!
If you're still mourning the end of Sex And The City, then you've probably already binged the first season of Darren Star's latest series, Emily In Paris, which tells the story of a different gorgeous, young,
His name is Lucas Bravo and he is my new celebrity crush.
There's a lot to love about Netflix's new show Emily In Paris. It's the frivolous escape many of us have been craving for months now, and between the amazing clothes, the beautiful setting, and the ever-