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The story behind Baby Gus's blanket will make you cry!
ICYMI, Mandy Moore gave birth to her newborn son August with her husband Taylor Goldsmith. The proud new parents shared photos of their child on Instagram on Wednesday, February 24."Gus is here," Mandy said in her post. "Our sweet boy, August
More tissues, please!!!
At this point, watching Grey's Anatomy is an exercise in getting your heart broken. After 17 seasons and more than 300 episodes, any longtime fan of the show will tell you that they've sobbed thanks to *more than
Her Instagram announcement is the sweetest.
MORE BABY NEWS: Zayn Malik Just Wrote The Sweetest Message About His Newborn DaughterThe celebrity baby news cycle just doesn't quit! A day after Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced the arrival of their baby and the rumor mill started
Like, pretty much all the time.
In the early 2000s, I used to *love* watching MTV Cribs because it was like getting to know your favorite celebs on a deeper level. They were letting you into their homes, after all. Now, as an older millennial, that translates into
She recently sang it again during an Instagram Live with husband Taylor Goldsmith!
For many of us, A Walk To Remember, starring Mandy Moore and Shane West, was one of the first romantic movies that made us cry. It's the first movie Mandy Moore ever top-billed, so it's a really
Zendaya's look though.
The 2019 Emmy Awards are finally here! But until you find out whether Fleabag won Outstanding Comedy Series or if Game of Thrones swept the awards (ugh), you can see what all your fave celebs were wearing. Click through to ogle some
This color combo is a THING.
The Emmys red carpet is well underway, and there have been some absolutely MAJOR looks. There was Billy Porter's giant Stephen Jones hat! Gwendoline Christie's ancient Roman-looking robe situation! Drag queens Nina West and Brooke Lynn Hytes
'It was a walk (of fame) to remember.'
It's been 17 years since A Walk To Remember came out, but Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter can still make our hearts skip a beat! Mandy Moore and Shane West recently reunited for a special occasion: Mandy receiving her very own
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Maymay Entrata is making her big modeling debut on November 22 when she walks at Arab Fashion Week in Dubai. And her love team partner Edward Barber flew in just to see her on the runway! Edward, along with his sister Laura,
We totally LOVE it!
After a full day of speculation, Mandy Moore has finally revealed that she has in fact married partner Taylor Goldsmith in a beautiful autumn ceremony.The internet went into a spin this week as one of Mandy's guests posted-and
So you can say 'the book was better than the movie' If you need to.
August is full of awesome new movies and a lot of them are adaptations of our favorite novels! We can't wait to see if they stay true to the source, although little changes are always welcome. Lara Jean (Lana Condor)
Get ready for ~all~ the feels.
The name Nicholas Sparks causes a lot of emotion in every fangirl's heart: Joy, sadness, heartache, betrayal, and even loss. Although his films deal with similar themes-star-crossed lovers, the passage of time, a love triangle-each one has
Layers upon layers upon layers!
Newly-engaged Mandy Moore showed up to the Emmys ready to party, and so did her dress-because when you're newly engaged and you're at the Emmys, what better reason is there to party, honestly?The black-and-white strapless
Landon + Jamie FOREVER!
The romance genre has never been the same after Nicholas Sparks' novel A Walk To Remember was turned into a movie in 2002. Yes, it's been 15-16 in 2018-years since '00s teen queen Mandy Moore and the broody
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1 Can you believe it's been over a decade since Landon and Jamie broke our hearts? A Walk to Remember celebrates its 15th anniversary in January, and Mandy Moore is more than ready for a reunion. "I feel like we should
And it's IG-official!
Mandy Moore reunited with her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama after bumping into each another at work.The actress is currently filming her new TV drama This Is Us in Los Angeles, and she saw a familiar face across the lot this week,
“I feel a little tipsy sometimes when I’m onstage,” and other things the world-class performer spills in this EXCLUSIVE.
In a world obsessed with sizes 0 to 2, it's refreshing to come across stars who love their figure.