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Keep it simple.
I don't know about you, but if there's one thing I miss in my pre-pandemic life, it's putting on makeup. At the beginning of the lockdown, I went cold turkey-no eyebrows, no lipstick, nothing.
We just can't help it, LOL!
We may have different ~rituals~ when it comes to applying our makeup, but we all have one thing in common: We just *can't* seem to close our mouths whenever we put on mascara. It got me thinking, "What is it
You only need two items!
When it comes to eye makeup, one way to amp up your look is by applying mascara liberally. True beauty junkies recommend that you also coat your lower lashes to complete the ~lewk~. This will give you a dreamy, doll-like stare
Your choice in mascara brushes might be getting in the way of perfect lashes.
As Asians, most of us are born with stubbornly-straight lashes. This is why we turn to mascaras of all kinds-from lengthening, volumizing, and curling ones. When applied correctly, the right mascara can give us a beautiful fluttery, fanned-out effect.
We did the math!
Being Asian, most of us were born with stubborn, stick-straight lashes that can't hold a curl. This is why we turn to a good mascara to help us because a few coats of it can *immediately* transform our entire
Rihanna *finally* heard our prayers.
Hello, we've got a new product alert for y'all! Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's cosmetics line, has been ~slaying~ the makeup game since it started in 2017. The brand came out with a variety of complexion products (all
Fake it until you make it!
Being Asian, we were born with short, stick-straight lashes-we just can't seem to achieve the long, fluttery eyelashes we see on IG and advertisements! But, all hope is not lost-there are ways you can score full, doll-
Careline has gifted us with a new product that will probably be a mainstay in our kikay kits. Presenting, the Skinny Mascara!We were lucky to try the Careline Skinny Mascara during the Ever Bilena Anniversary Party on November 20, and oh
Life-changing, TBH.
Okay, let's be real here: If you're an Asian beauty junkie, chances are, you have a love-hate relationship with your lashes. Sometimes, they look cute, but on most days, they just stick straight down, even with the
Your next go-to mascara might just be on this list!
If there's one universally flattering makeup product that looks good on everyone, it would have to be mascara. It goes with every makeup look (whether no-makeup makeup or full-on glam) and can open up the eyes (especially for chinitas
The actress filmed her latest vlog ep in Korea.
While Jessy Mendiola was on vacation in Korea earlier this year, she filmed a Korean makeup tutorial, which she's now sharing on her vlog. It's a quick tutorial because her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, was already hungry at the time. LOL!
These will give you a fun and flirty gaze!
Never underestimate the power of a good mascara. It doesn't even have to give you bold and dramatic lashes-all you really need is a wand that can lengthen your fringes and a formula that can lift and hold a
See our tried-and-tested finds here!
Asians are most likely born with straight lashes that grown downward, which can make monolids and hooded lids appear smaller than they really are. Thankfully, lash curlers and mascaras exist, BUT the crucial part is to find that one tube that can
She did not fully remove her mascara for years!
Mascara may be a pain to remove, but if you love your budgeproof formulas, spending a few extra minutes wiping them off is always worth it. In fact, not doing so could lead to disastrous consequences-case in point: The experience of
It's not because of its 'non-waterproof' formula.
We know how annoying it is to apply your favorite mascara in the morning only to see it already smudged on your lower lash line by 11 a.m. But before you toss it out and look for a "better one," take
Here are all the 69 winners!
For the first time ever, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards is 100 percent digital! This means you get to instantly share these top-notch products with your friends with just a tap of your finger, or screencap your faves so you can refer
These will never give you 'panda eyes!'
In the Philippines, regular mascara just won't cut it once you start sweating and your lids become oily, which is every day. If you're looking for the best cheap and affordable waterproof mascaras to score long, full lashes
Will it survive sweat + heat + water?
Because we live in a humid city, we're always up for beauty products that say "waterproof" on the label, especially when it comes to mascaras. We hate it when our inked lashes get smeared-it's just embarrassing!So
It's super easy!
Whatever level of makeup skill you have, it's normal to get a few black clumps and blobs on your lids every time you apply mascara. And if you're worried about erasing your excellently applied eyeshadow or concealer, we teach you ~
Calling all mascara addicts!
Since we're all beauty lovers here, we have no shame in saying that we have tried (and wasted) countless beauty products-including mascara. And what did we learn from sampling numerous tubes through the years? To get long, jet black,