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Go with the flow.
Don't you just love how there's an app for almost ~anything~ nowadays? There are some for horoscope readings, for mental health, and even for skincare routines. If you want that soft glow #aesthetic or vintage effect on your
Here's what you need to know about irregular periods.
So you've noticed that your period only comes every six months (or twice a year) but most of your friends get theirs monthly. What exactly is going on? Is that normal?If this sounds familiar to you, you're
And if you do, how can you deal with it?
Picture this: You wake up thinking it's going to be just like any other day. You feel fine, and if you got enough sleep, maybe even rejuvenated. You enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast before you get
Do you have questions about periods? We’ve got you covered.
I think women and people who experience menstruation can all agree that it is no walk in the park. Sure, some have it worse than others-especially when it comes to pain-but even for those who have regular flows, it's
What are the *actual* benefits of exercise when it's that time of the month?
Let's just all agree: Everything feels like more of a struggle when you're on your period. Even every day tasks like cleaning, doing the dishes, and working out seem much harder to accomplish. All you want to do
And is chocolate actually a good idea?
In the movie No Strings Attached, there's a scene where Emma (Natalie Portman) is experiencing her menstrual cycle with her roommates. In sync, they were all having a miserable time in their apartment, and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) rescues them from
How often does it happen?
We all know menstruation is complicated and a lot messier than what how they're portrayed in commercials. One swift move after hours in the same position can lead to a leak. And after getting your period, you probably thought you&#
A useful guide if you're experiencing severe period pain every month.
Menstruation is the normal vaginal bleeding that happens every month-if you're regular-during a woman's menstrual cycle. When this happens, many women experience cramping in their lower abdomen, which can also spread to other parts of your
So you just bought your first menstrual cup. Now what?
When you got your first period as a teen, your mom or tita instantly knew what to do: She went to the restroom, whipped out a napkin or sanitary pad, and taught you how to use it. And for the longest time,
And what kind of workouts can you do if you're feeling tired?
When it's that time of the month, staying in bed, eating your feelings, and binge-watching a new TV show are the only things you want to do for about a week. Even if you have an active lifestyle, menstruation
Stress can impact the body more than we realize.
Nothing feels normal at the moment because of the coronavirus pandemic that's sweeping the globe. Our livelihoods have been affected, our social lives have been affected, our mental health has been affected and so, too, could our periods.The anxiety
She had to have her feet and parts of her fingers amputated as a result.
A woman who developed toxic shock syndrome after using a menstrual cup has had to have her feet and parts of her fingers amputated. 36-year-old Sandrine Graneau from France told Le Parisien newspaper she wore her menstrual cup-a silicone
There are medical conditions that might explain the mystery.
Period pain is the absolute worst. But is there anything more frustrating than having period pain but no actual period? We think not.Although cramps are most closely associated with periods, menstruation isn't the only reason why you might get
Changes in your period blood flow is normal!
You're probably aware that your monthly visitor takes on a new form every cycle. No two periods are the same, and your period blood's color and consistency change from day to day. Still, there are just some cycles that make
There’s a legit reason.
Living life can be tiring, amirite? But if the week of your period leaves you feeling exhausted, it's worth knowing that there's a real, scientific reason behind your sleepiness.Dealing with the cramps, headaches, and bloating come as standard for
So THAT's why you're starving on day 22 of your cycle.
Our menstrual cycles and periods affect pretty much every area of our lives-how we feel emotionally, how much exercise we want to do, what we want to eat... but did you know they might also have an impact on your metabolism?
Experiencing period pains? Find out what you can do about them here.
While some women are blessed with light flows and pain-free periods, most of us less fortunate do suffer from menstrual cramping, at least during some menstruation cycles. Some women have learned to accept that period pain comes with virtually every calendar
From period pains to regular versus irregular cycles!
Do you know all you should about normal menstrual cycles and the symptoms related your period? Are there a few things you're confused by or need to brush up on? Keep reading for a few FAQs on menstruation symptoms.During your
Does the time between your periods keep changing?
For most women, periods operate like clockwork. They start a fixed number of days after the last time they began, give or take a couple of days or so, then last a few days before the cycle begins again. But some women'
Ever had one of those stomach-lurching moments when you're in the middle of something, just happily minding your own business...and you suddenly realize that you still haven't gotten your period?Before you have a full-on panic attack,