Make your skin feel ~fancy~.
In case you're wondering why bottles of "beauty water" are sprouting on retail shelves, we're here to tell you everything you need to know about this relatively new type of skincare product, including its benefits!Thermal WaterThe first
These will remove every bit of product on your face!
No matter how tired you feel, you should always-say it with us-remove your makeup before going to bed! But you can't just use any makeup remover; you have to consider your skin type too, or you could end up
Cut your cleansing time in half!
No matter how much you love beauty, sometimes you're just too tamad to do your complete skincare routine. Thank God for exfoliating toners, though, because they're like micellar cleansers and exfoliators in one-they clean the skin AND
Every tamad girl's dream come true, basically.
If you love strolling around the beauty section of department stores, you've probably noticed that a lot of our local stores now carry toner-like products called Micellar Water.So what is it, exactly? Micellar water is made of micelles-tiny
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