Whatever your budget may be.
Years ago, finding the perfect foundation to match your skin tone was a challenge, especially if you're morena. Thankfully, everything has changed now because beauty brands are more aware that the need for inclusive shade ranges is real. Shopping is
No to flashback!
It can be intimidating to ~experiment~ with your makeup if you have a dusky complexion. You shy away from flash photography for fear of looking like a ghost, you're afraid of wearing a pink lipstick because you think it looks "
Morenas, meet your new everyday lip!
The subtle juicy hues of peach make it incredibly easy to pull off and you can use it as an eyeshadow, blush, and a lip color without batting an eye. It's just one of those colors that look amazing on
Keep blushin'!
Searching for *that* perfect blush shade can be tough, especially for morenas. Morenas have to be careful that the shade they use won't make their complexions appear muddy, or that the hue won't disappear on their cheeks. To
Her MOTD only takes 15 minutes!
If you're a morena beauty junkie, you would know the ~struggle~ in finding makeup products that work for your dusky complexion. Thankfully, YouTuber Johnreyslife shared her *simple* makeup routine that's not just affordable, it's also fit
Show off that tan!
PSA: Neutrals aren't the only colors morenas can try for their makeup looks. To prove our point, we round up the ~prettiest~ MOTDs we saw on Pinay celebs with brown skin. If you're a proud morena yourself, read
We spoke to Juro Ongkiko, the creator of Moreno Morena.
As a morena, getting my photograph taken properly has been a long-time struggle. In my high school graduation photo, the makeup artist powdered my face white, and the final result was airbrushed to "perfection." I barely recognized myself. When I first
Here's a Monday pick-me-up for you guys. Roxanne Barcelo uploaded a budol-budol makeup tutorial, and we just have to ~process~ everything about it. Here are our major talking points:We'll let you find out the
'Kahit hindi siya maputi, at least pantay ang kulay.'
If you're morena, you're probably familiar with the elusive beauty standard that is "pantay" skin. After all, in many conversations about skin color in the Philippines, it is regularly brought up as the next best thing to a fair complexion. "
Presenting, your morena beauty starter pack.
You step inside the mall, and you're ready to spend to begin your makeup journey. But, you don't know exactly where to start. You scour through aisles of products, but they all look the same. Does this situation sound
'I owe it to myself to embrace and celebrate my skin color.'
I was seven years old when I first realized that I was insecure about my skin color. I was listening to lecture on our Filipino ancestors-the Malay, the Indones, and the Aeta. My classmates and I had categorized each other according
'I'm still learning. It's an unending process.'
With major endorsements deals, lead roles on TV and film projects, and a smooth-sailing love life, it seems like nothing can stop Gabbi Garcia. But this 20-year-old is just like any other girl-she makes mistakes and has insecurities.
Check out the ride-or-die lippies of morena influencers.
The most common beauty-related question I get on Instagram is, "What's that lipstick shade?" In second place, is, "What shade do you recommend for morena skin?"Finding the perfect lipstick is already difficult as it is, but if you're
Don't let anyone tell you what to do.
Growing up morena, I've always played it safe when it comes to makeup and fashion. It wasn't because I didn't want to experiment, or that I wasn't a fan of trends. In truth, it was the fear of
It's about time, tbh.
Hello, we have ~important~ beauty news for you all! We all know that face products such as foundation, cushions, and concealers of Korean makeup brands usually just cater to fair, light, and medium skin tones. This makes it harder to shop for
Here's a newbie makeup guide for you!
We're aware that it's tricky to pull off dark lipstick. A strong lip may seem overwhelming or OTT, particularly when you're so used to MLBBs. So, we're here to change your mind about it.
Warm-toned lippies are the way to go!
One of the best feelings in the world is when you finally find the perfect nude or MLBB lipstick for you. Getting your hands on a lippie that makes you look good and enhances the natural color of your pout feels like
No need for bleach!
A hair color trend is born when: 1) Beauty experts talk about them; 2) We see them on the hottest celebs; and 3) It's all over Instagram. Usually, these trendy hair colors are loud and high-maintenance, so regular people
She will be dropping by on Day 2!
TV host, writer, and body positivity advocate Bianca Gonzalez-Intal is known for being proud of her morena complexion. She famously tweeted her reactions to an insensitive skin whitening ad, saying, "I grew up loving my brown skin because of beautiful women
Find the most flattering color for YOU!
Admit it: Your makeup collection has become pretty difficult to navigate because of your numerous lipsticks, face powders, and eyebrow products. If we were to guess the one product you might not have a lot of, though, we'd go with
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