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No time, no money? NO PROBLEM.
We have eight local movies that need no boarding pass or ticket to take you to far-off places! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram.
You don't have to hate love stories just 'cause you're single.
When February hits, people always assume that single girls everywhere must be in mourning... as if happiness isn't possible when you're flying solo. If you're in love with love, here are some of the best underrated romantic movies to
More movies about superheroes and more animated films!
Doesn't 2016 feel like it's been an exhausting year? Well, we have high hopes for a little escape and respite with next year's movie lineup. Yes, it will have animation (think Toy Story and Inside Out levels), but there
Finally, some freakin' variety!
We don't know about you, but honestly, we are freakin' excited for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie line-up.The entries for this year's fest are a far cry from the usual ones we've seen
Right in the feels!
If you're a fan of romantic movies-and really, deep down, who isn't?-then you've probably seen The Notebook or The Proposal. But outside all the ~*hits*~, there are several movies that definitely don't
Time to do nothing, CGs!
You don't always have to go out to make the most out of your weekend. For days when you just want to laze around with your BFF, surrounded by your favorite pizza boxes, try watching these shows:For something new: 1.
Because most of the time, you just need your best friends.
When you go through bad days - like a missed deadline or a breakup - one of the first people you call is your best friend. They might say the wrong things sometimes, but they're surely just looking out for you. In celebration
Because it's been raining a lot. And you're feeling sappy.
1. The NotebookWho did the smooching: Ryan Gosling (Noah) and Rachel McAdams (Allie) What makes it swoon-worthy: Teenage sweethearts Noah and Allie hadn't seen each other for years, and when they finally do, she is already engaged to another man.
See other parts of the world by staying in!
The spots: Monet's Garden, Quai de la Tournelle, Château de Versailles, Parc Jean XXIII, Pont Alexandre III, Musée Rodin, Église Saint-Étienne du MontThe story: Gil Pender (Owen Wilson), a screenwriter who is nostalgic for the 1920s jazz
Because we all need a little lovin' in our lives.
No plans yet this weekend? Clock in some me time with a bowl of popcorn and these movies: 1. Stuck In Love Starring: Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, and Nat WolffSynopsis: Bad girl with mommy issues falls for the good boy. 2. The
You didn't really think Jack and Rose would've fallen for each other in real life, did you?
While we love our chick flicks, with their irresistible plot twists and irresistible male stars, we can't help but feel that the logic behind some movie romances is just, well, whack. Here, we list 10 things that make us think that
Zombies, psychos, and Abraham Lincoln? Find out what else is in store for you this month!
As February rolls in, many are anticipating (or dreading) the mushiness that Valentine's brings. Everyone loves a happy ending, but we have to admit, the predictable clichés can get a little dull. Need a break from the sappiness? Drop by
Pad your wallets, Cosmo babes! It's a great month to head to the cinemas.
Nothing entertains us more than watching teasers and trailers of 2013's upcoming movies (Checking out our Cosmo Bachelors is a different story!). This month, Hollywood will not disappoint by releasing two of the year's most-awaited films-hit musical Les
How did you welcome 2012? If you're still in the mood for some New Year celebrations and nostalgia, plan a <i>barkada</i> movie marathon this weekend. Be sure to have these flicks on hand.
If you're determined to make 2012 your year or just want a feel-good fix to tide you over post-holiday season, we've lined up ten New Year-themed movies that are worth watching on the first week
Enjoy the coming three-day vacay with your guy—with an exciting twist for the season!