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From business to art, these Zobels are making names for themselves.
The Zobel de Ayalas has been one of the country's most prominent families for almost 200 years. Their family business has greatly evolved through the years, becoming one of the country's biggest diversified conglomerates, thanks mostly to the
Do you exude good vibes?
You've probably heard of auras already (don't worry, we'll define them in a sec just in case you haven't). And you probs also know there are actual people out there who can read your aura for you and
Mom, we want him!
Hello there, Song Joong Ki fans. You already know that our OG crush is recognized as an outstanding actor (Fun fact: he has been acting in front of a green screen for his recent projects!) and top student. Plus, he has a
The good *and* the bad.
Aside from writing articles and coordinating with talents, part of my job is also to handle our team's Instagram account. I post IG stories, reply to comments from our followers, and upload social posts. One of the tools that'
Not that one. A *new* one.
Look, it's cool if every time you need to get yourself over the edge, you return to that mental picture of being taken from behind while wearing a pair of boots and nothing else. (Don't lie.) (It's only natural
Pinays share the biggest changes they've noticed about themselves.
If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I'd be the kind of person who'd ~yearn~ for human interaction in the coming months, I would've never believed you. An introvert and somewhat of a loner,
Like, 'if they’re nice to other girls.'
Friendships, as we all know, can be some of the most defining of our lives. And friend breakups can be just as tough on us emotionally as romantic ones. That's why it's important we know how to spot
It's nice to be nice, but not to the detriment of your own self.
It's past 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday night and you're about to miss your yoga class. You're now regretting agreeing to finish off your officemate's work while she jets off to Palawan.
It's not 'me.' You'll LOVE 'me.'
Many of us have elements of narcissism in our personality, and that's completely normal. You only get one life, so it makes sense that you'd spend a fair amount of time focusing on what's best for
Let the stars shine the light on what scent to spritz this year.
Read on. Your signature scent awaits!Let them know that you're in charge by spritzing a feminine yet bold fragrance.Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum, P4,000/30ml, Rustan's The Beauty SourceA go-getter like you needs a
No, I don't hate you, I'm just not bubbly.
I'm not sure at what point I started using "intense" as a catch-all descriptor for my personality, but I've been doing so for a while and it fits. It's basically a euphemism for being "serious,"
Open your lippie. Is it slanted or flat?
Opening a new tube of lipstick is ~*orgasmic*~: The color is crisp and smooth, the brand's logo is nicely engraved, and it's never touched another human being's pout before! But over the course of using it,
Sacrifice your fave TV show for now.
I'm not afraid to admit that there's a stack of books waiting for me on my nightstand. And every day, I make a quiet promise to crack one open instead of just turning on Riverdale right when I get home.
'Some fights would involve just verbal attacks and emotional abuse...'
No woman is completely happy with her guy. Maybe yours is forgetful and can't seem to recall your monthsary or other important details you expect him to know. Maybe he's a workaholic who's not always around when you want
And other completely made-up coffee trivia we brewed up.
Everybody knows how much of a struggle it is to function in the morning-even early birds depend on that first cup of coffee before they really start the day. But how we take our coffee is where it gets pretty interesting,
Mug or mason jar?
Just as your sense of style or your taste in movies says a lot about your personality, so does the type of coffee carrier you go for. Do you take your time and drink from a mug, or do you rely on
Digging doggie style? That means you like the idea of someone being aggressive (Wink!).
MissionaryYou're a romantic and you're also pretty vanilla-you love the classics and you're not ashamed of it. You value honesty a whole lot, and that's sort of why a part of you wants your guy to do
You have incredible sex appeal and a magnetic charm that just draws people in.
Instagram/mainedcmIn honor of Valentine's Day, Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, tells what features distinguish a heart-shaped face and exactly what that face shape says about you. (She
Spandex, silk, sporty, or lace? Here's what your underthings reveal about you!
Every confident Cosmo chick knows that great underwear is the foundation of any fabulous outfit. It provides you with support and boosts your curves, so your well-planned ensemble stands out. And just as you express yourself through your wardrobe, your choice
Studies show that staying true to yourself is the secret to being happy. Answer these Qs to get to know your genuine personality.
Right now is when you make major choices, like which field to work in, which friends to stay close with, and so much more. Sorry to add to the pressure of figuring out who you are and what's right for you,