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Can't wait to meet the new fur baby!
Last week, it was revealed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had recently made the exciting decision to expand their family...with another dog.People reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed the new puppy-a black labrador-early this
Hello! Good day! Hailey Baldwin just decided to bless your timeline with pictures of an incredibly cute puppy that may or may not be hers. Right this way!!!I mean.............It's just..............So fricken' cute............That it's
Enough is enough, doggos.
OK listen, dogs are taking over the Internet, and we cannot allow this to happen.Earlier this week, the New York Times' "Internetting" web series claimed dogs have replaced cats as beloved Internet sensations. *scoff*There's more: BBC, Salon, and The
We've already rounded up our favorite celebs and their famous doggos, and now, we're listing down celebs with furry feline friends: Aside from her adorable dogs, Anne has cats at home, too! Everyone, meet the suuuuuuper adorable flat-
We all have our reasons for stalking our favorite celebs daily, but for us, it's really because we can't get enough of their adorable puppers. Sure, we still turn to them for the latest beauty and fashion trends, but let&#
A good reminder to lock your door when you get it on.
Pets are great. They enrich our lives, provide endless companionship, and disrupt our daily routines. It's no truer than when you're trying to get it on, and your dog or cat walks into the room like nothing is