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'What makes that sorry different from all your other sorrys before?!'
You know how certain quotes remain in your mind-and heart-whenever you see a particularly ~*feelsy*~ movie? Pinoy scriptwriters, directors, and actors are the best at creating lines that are impossible to forget, so we asked Cosmo Girls which ones really
Ok but are they also actors 'cause they deserve some awards for these scenes!
In the Episode 3 of BBTV, Ben&Ben decided to try their hand at acting and recreate some scenes from their favorite Pinoy movies, the first being One More Chance starring Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. In the first round, Toni
'Someone ALWAYS ends up in the hospital or dead or having a secret ailment.'
By posting her observations on Filipino romantic comedy films, Frankie Pangilinan ended up "roasting" her own mother, Sharon Cuneta.Frankie pointed out the commonly used plots in Filipino rom-coms as written in her April 19 tweet (published as is):"why filipino
Baron: 'Sorry, Basha, he's mine!'
Baron Geisler recently reunited with his It Might Be You co-stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. In an Instagram post on February 15, Baron, who became a first-time dad in January 2020, wrote: "Love you guys, sobra! Sorry, Basha,
Here's a *cure* for those who are missing the PH!
If you've been away from the PH for a long time, chances are there are some days when you get homesick. You'd give absolutely anything to visit the country and its *stellar* tourist destinations again. Well, there'
It'll be available for streaming worldwide on December 1.
Dead Kids, the first Filipino Netflix Original film, will be premiering soon, and now we have the full trailer starring Khalil Ramos, Sue Ramirez, and more actors. Inspired by true events, the movie is about a group of teenage boys who recruit
They look cute together!
Starring in their first project together, Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez have great chemistry in the photos from their look test for the movie If We Don't Make It. They play the characters Harold and AM, who are polar opposites that
He nails it!
Following the blockbuster success of the movie Hello, Love, Goodbye, Alden Richards will be starring in a new teleserye on GMA. In the meantime, though, you can watch him reenact iconic movie lines in this video by Star Cinema.Alden did a
Because the *kilig* never gets old.
Pinoy romance movies might be a hit-and-miss, but there are also those films that have really left their mark on local cinema. They're the ones that launched some of the entertainment industry's biggest names to superstardom.
Before JaDine, KathNiel, and LizQuen, these on-screen pairs made us swoon!
We don't know about you, but all this talk about Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion's reunion has us feeling all sorts of nostalgic! If you're missing the love teams of yesteryear, we round up 10 classic
How can Carson stick around for that long? HOW?!
The Long Plot, Sans SpoilersCarson has been secretly in love with her best friend Dio since their first year as college students seven (!) years ago. Now that they're just days away from finally graduating, Dio suddenly invites Carson to a
Inspiration or imitation? You be the judge.
Music is the central theme of both these films, but that's not the only thing it has in common. The premise of both films goes like this: Two people are brought together by their love for music. And while neither of
This is how teen flicks were made in the 2000s, pre-'One More Chance.'
Be prepared for some major #throwback realness!My First Romance (2003)This flick has two separate storylines: One served as an appetizer, starring the then newbie John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo love team, while the other was the main course, highlighting
You live (LIVE!) for love teams.
1. When there's big showbiz news, you feel it is your responsibility to share it with the world. GUYS, ENGAGED NA SI TONI AND DIREK PAUL! THIS YEAR ANG KASAL! Worth P2 million ang gown ni Marian Rivera! Siya na talaga!
From romance to crime thrillers, and of course, some very timely horror films, October's bringing tons of action to the silver screen!
Everybody loves going to the movies! Whether you go with a cute guy or with your wild bunch of girlfriends, catching a flick is a great way to unwind and let go of your cares for two hours.October's got a
The sleeping giant that is Viva Films has awoken and will try to reclaim its crown as one of the busiest film outfits this year—with five new flicks for the first two quarters.
There’s <em>Tarot </em>then there’s <em>Manghuhula</em>—opening within a week of each other. Who came first?
In keeping with their movie’s title, the lead stars of Regal Films’ <em>Tarot </em>have their fortunes read.