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Just Heart being herself.
There's a highly-relatable meme on the internet about how a girl ~*means business*~ once she puts her hair up in a ponytail or a bun. Well, if you're Heart Evangelista, this still holds true, but maybe you&#
With! No! Bumps!
Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You take your time to pull your hair up in a high ponytail, but somehow the base is off-center, the hair underneath is saggy, and your "slicked" roots are riddled with lumps and bumps.
Don't worry—they're all easy to copy.
Today, in beauty lies you've been told, let's tackle the topic of short hair and ponytails. Can you wear short hair in a ponytail? Abso-frickin-lutely. Sure, you might need a little creativity and the help of
This is no way to live.
Ariana Grande is known for her iconic ponytail, in fact when she dared change it up to a low pony, the Internet lost its damn mind.Fellow singer, Camila Cabello, learned the hard way that channeling your inner Ariana, involves a whole
It looks good on everyone!
A ponytail ticks all the right boxes for an easy hairstyle-everyone knows how to give themselves one, and it takes little time to do it. And although there are tons of ways to wear it, we observed that there's
Never run out of hairstyle ideas.
Do you know that "meh" feeling when you're getting ready to go out and you think of what you can do with your lewk? Well, don't worry.-it happens to everyone. We all get bored with our current
It's a lazy girl's dream accessory.
TBH, it's easy to get stumped with hairstyle ideas, especially in the morning, when you're too frazzled to think creatively. When all else fails, we often turn to the default 'do every girl has mastered-the ponytail.
Brides will love the this chic and timeless hairstyle.
A ponytail isn't just for lazy days or workout sessions. They can be worn on your wedding day, too! Don't believe us? Scroll below to see different styles of ponytails, as worn by these gorgeous celebs!For a
It's very '90s-inspired, too!
If you're feeling uninspired with your usual ponytail, Maja Salvador serves you up something ~pretty~ interesting and nostalgic. She wore two straight pin star barrettes '90s style-with a middle part!To add to her '90s superstar lewk,
It's so easy!
Long-haired girls aren't the only ones who can have fun with this hairstyle! Keep scrolling to see how you can wear it, too:This simple and low-maintenance look can be easily achieved with a chic hair tie (like
Give your favorite hairstyle a fresh update.
The ponytail will always be every girl's go-to hairstyle. Give it a summer-ready upgrade with these ideas:Follow Ira on Instagram.
I love Riverdale. I love it so much that I yell at my boyfriend to vacate the living room and relinquish all television rights to me every Thursday night for an hour, and then I gleefully watch as my favorite dramatic faux-
It's pretty basic, but it adds serious cool points!
While celebrities' long lustrous hair may be pretty to have, it's hard to pull it off ourselves. We aren't blessed with a glam team, and nobody has the time to go through the whole shebang of blow-
Anne Curtis, Liza Soberano, and Jessy Mendiola show us the prettiest ways to style it!
Let these celebs show you how to take the easiest hairstyle to the next level.VIDEO by Jean SaturninoFollow Ira on Instagram.Follow Jean on Instagram.
Let your fave stars show you how it's done.
The ponytail is the most basic hairstyle we all have mastered, but if you're quite bored of how it looks, tweaking it a bit can easily change your look. Let these stars school you on how you can give your
Seen on Lucy Hale!
The perfect accessory to a ~*glam*~ party outfit or a sparkly makeup look? A neat and low ponytail accentuated by a smattering of metallic shapes! The team at Teen Vogue enlisted celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess to create this super festive 'do on
No wonder we always get those headaches!
Ponytails are the most convenient hairstyle known to mankind. They're the answer to freakishly hot commutes, half-hearted attempts to leave the house on lazy weekends, and looking somewhat presentable after sweaty gym sessions. So far, so good.But as most
This is officially our favorite fashion thing.
Don't you hate it when you accidentally leave your hair tie in the house and you just feel, uh, naked? Well, what if we told you there's a way to help you to NEVER forget your hair tie at home?
These little hair tweaks can make such a big difference.
Guilty of heading out with a sloppy, limp ponytail? We totally get that this is probably the easiest (and fastest) way to handle a bad hair day. That's why we thought of simple tweaks that you can try so you can
Love wearing your hair up? Here are creative and trendy new takes on that boring ponytail!
Bun On The RunThis look is perfect for busy working girls who don't have time to do their hair in the morning or those who like fuss-free hair on casual days. For a neat bun, comb your hair back into