And backed by science.
Every cloud has a silver lining, like the fact I got a notification this morning that my phone screen time was up by 15 percent, whilst simultaneously watching Hailey Baldwin share her entire skincare routine.Now, I fully hold my hands up
This routine helps prevent 'maskne.'
Everyone is required to wear a mask to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. A protective face mask, whether surgical or made of cloth, can still cause friction on the skin which may result in maskne. These are the zits found
Please wash your face ASAP!
As people continue to remain in their houses to ensure everyone's safety, we have seen a big rise in Pinoys doing at-home workouts. Exercising is a great way to stay fit, plus it serves as an outlet to release
This won't take much time!
For many of us, scoring "glass skin" is one of our many goals, and we're forever looking for or trying to products that can give us that healthy, "fresh lang" glow. When searching the internet for routines we can follow,
Her complexion is GOALS!
When it comes to local content creators, one of the people we really look up to is Raiza Contawi. She's knowledgeable in cosmetic ingredients, plus there's no doubt that she has ~amazing~ makeup skills (have you seen the
It's focused on soothing inflammation and redness.
Acne is just one of those annoying things in life we just have to deal with. It may come at unexpected times-before a meeting, a date, or an important event. Before you pop that zit in annoyance, know that there are
She also has the best advice on how to overcome insecurity.
Ellen Adarna opened her IG account to beauty- and wellness-related questions on May 17. Of course, we took notes on everything she does to keep her skin glowing. Read on if you want to know her skincare, haircare, and makeup routines,
'I think now is the best time to experiment.'
Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, we've put a lot of our day-to-day habits on hold, and that includes our beauty routines. It seemed pointless to do our makeup when we're just at home and
Has yours changed, too?
Ever since the Enhanced Community Quarantine was put in place, we've all had to make major changes in our daily lives. Part of those major changes? Our regular routines-including those for our hair, skin, and overall beauty regimens. While some
Welcome to the world of minimalist beauty.
With the rise of K-beauty multi-step routines, there is a ~pressure~ that we must use a lot of products to score clear skin. We've got good news: This isn't necessarily true. Although a 10-step regimen
Whiteheads? Blackheads? Cystic zits? I gotchu.
Look, as much as I'd like to present you with The Best Acne Treatment of All Timeā„¢, there really is no one-size-fits-all-zits remedy when every human's skin sensitivity and acne type can be completely
Bc honestly, who TF has the time or patience for more than three steps?
Until recently, my acne routine consisted of spironolactone (the ~miracle~ acne pill, if you ask any beauty editor) and spironolactone only. It was the only thing that had managed to clear up my stubborn hormonal acne after years of trying every cream,
What's a girl gotta do when beauty essentials are out of reach?
With the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine, many Pinays have been more creative with the way they tackle their skincare routines. Whether they've trimmed it down or finally found the time to try out things they haven't
You don't need to settle for greasy skin forever.
Managing your oily skin is totally possible and don't let your pores tell you otherwise! The first step, of course, is to find the right combination of skincare products for your skin type, and you'll eventually see the
Keep your skin blemish-free and healthy.
Scoring flawless skin not only depends on the skincare products you use, but how you wash your face, too. Although this task is pretty basic (we've done this all our lives after all), there are still ways to elevate your
She's got a pretty simple routine.
Korean skincare routines have a reputation for being glow-boosting but excessive. Some regimens call for as many as 10 steps. This factor makes it hard to follow for most of us. It's tedious and can be heavy on the
Want to space out your trips to the store?
Unfortunately, we can't stop our skincare from running out. We'll eventually have to repurchase our essentials, no matter how much we try to save them. The most we can do is to maximize them until the very last
Your screen shouldn't be the only thing that glows.
Your pre-work from home routine is just as essential to boosting your productivity as your daily cup of coffee. A quick workout or a healthy breakfast alone can give you an amazing headstart, but don't forget to have your
Find out their tried-and-tested products here!
When getting a facial is almost impossible, you've got two choices: It's either you wait it out until you can set an appointment with your derma clinic or you can take the DIY route. If you picked the
It only has five steps!
Something that usually takes a backseat in our routine is our underarms. After all, you just need to swipe on a deodorant and you're good for the day, right? It's definitely a lot different than your complex skincare
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