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We want them all!
It's the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays just right around the corner, Starbucks is definitely giving us more reasons to get excited for 2022. Introducing: the Starbucks' 2022 Traditions merchandise! This season, they're
They recently partnered with Stacey Bendet, CEO of top fashion house alice + olivia.
I don't know about you guys, but don't you just love it when Starbucks collabs with your fave brands and artists? ICYMI, there was one with BTS, another with Pinoy artist Patrick Cabral, and even Australian luxury sunglasses
Add this to your must-visit locations in Seoul!
Aside from their beverages and pastries, one of the things people have come to love about Starbucks is their interior design. Each cafe has its unique and brewtiful (get it, LOL) ambience that just goes so well when you drink your go-
The place even offers tours of the farm!
Is Costa Rica part of your travel bucket list? If you've been dreaming of seeing their famous national parks, surfing spots, and other attractions, here's something you can add to your itinerary: Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia.It's
It's available for a limited time only!
Today is a great day because Starbucks Philippines just launched *new* drinks for the summer szn! Five new beverages will be available starting April 20 and we're so, so excited. These fruity and milky blends paired with premium full-leaf
Each one features their iconic siren.
Starbucks celebrates their 50th anniversary this year, and in honor of their iconic siren, they've released their celebratory collection of mugs and tumblers. Check them out below!P1,450P1,425P1,295P895P1,595The collection also features a cute ornament which you
Add these to your travel bucket list in the future!
We've always marveled at how Starbucks manages to reinvent itself in any country it lays ground on. The cafe definitely specializes in having concept stores that stand out from the usual modern design of their coffee branches. We've already listed
Can't wait to visit these places!
People troop to Starbucks not only to drink coffee, but also to soak up the sights and enjoy a change in environment. Whether you're looking to stimulate the mind with art or just trying to find your inner zen, there&#
We honestly can't decide which one we want the most!
2020 has been especially difficult for each and every one of us, but there are plenty of reasons to still dream of a better year in 2021. This holiday season, set goals and celebrate life with Starbucks' 2021 Planners and Organizers!
That's...a lot.
In case you didn't know, for the past few years, there's been an ongoing challenge in the West to create the most expensive Starbucks drink in the world. A bit odd, we know, but it seems there have
Good news: There's now an easier way to collect Stars and redeem rewards.
In May 2020, Starbucks announced that they'll be discontinuing their Starbucks Rewards card. The silverlining: We were promised a new rewards program, and it's finally here! Starting July 17, with this new program, customers can now get one
Something to brighten up your mood!
We may have just entered the rainy season, but it's never too late to treat ourselves with perky summer finds to bring some color into our gloomy homes. Luckily, Starbucks has got us covered with their new line of adorable floral-
You're looking at 3 tumblers, a water-repellent eco-bag, and a Starbucks Card!
Starbucks fans and tumbler collectors, we bring you good news. The brand just dropped their latest collection, and it's the first time they've collaborated with a Filipino artist! Patrick Cabral is a world-renowned artist known for his
Pair this with your go-to Starbucks drink!
As Starbucks opens more of its stores for deliveries and takeout, you will find that more items are now available on the menu. If you're looking to switch up your usual coffee pairing, Starbucks added new pastry options to go
No need to step out to get your coffee fix.
For a lot of us, a cup of coffee from our fave coffee shops has always been part of our daily routines. Unfortunately, since quarantine measures were put into place, we haven't had the opportunity to get our ~*caffeine fix*~ from
How did we not know this???
Every so often, we all realize that we've been using a product completely wrong for years and are mind-blown when we figure out its intended use. This, friends, is another one of those times. The bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos you've
A new Starbucks program awaits us.
If you're the type of person who collects their gorgeous Starbucks Rewards Cards, we have some unfortunate news for you. Soon, you'll need to bid farewell to your Starbucks Rewards card because it will be deactivated by June
What we'd do to have our favorite drink served in person again.
Our lives, it seems, have changed for the foreseeable future. The little things we once took for granted have now become frivolous luxuries we can do without during a pandemic. It wasn't so long ago, if you recall, that you
It takes effect today.
Nowadays, it seems that you always have to be watching your phone for updates on everything. One minute, you need a quarantine pass, the next minute, you don't; one minute you're on community quarantine, the next you'
There's always room for dessert.
On your next coffee run to Starbucks, pair your cup of joe with their newly released desserts and pastries on the menu. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite for this year!The new tasty offerings on Starbucks' menu