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Don't forget to keep one in your kit!
While swimming in a pool or at the beach is a great way to cool down, it's also one of the main causes for sunburn.Sunburn usually happens when you don't reapply sunscreen throughout the day, when you
'Attempting to make your own sunscreen can potentially lead to disastrous results, including severe burns and skin cancer later in life.'
I guess we have Pinterest to thank for this, because ever since the website launched, DIY beauty is all anyone could think of. And while some of the recipes actually work better than the real deal, there are products that should never
The rainy season may be upon us, but, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, that STILL doesn't mean you should stop wearing your SPF.To prove that sun protection is that important all year round, just look
Seriously, stop.
If you use sunscreen or sunblock every day, good for you! And if you reapply it every few hours to continuously protect your face and body, that's excellent.But aside from these two things, there's more to know about sunscreen-
Spoiler: It's more than you think.
Another tale as old as time is the concept of how much sunscreen is enough to protect your face and body from sun damage. You might think you're applying too much because your entire body is covered in a white cast,
Take note this summer, CGs!
Being sunburned isn't a good look for anyone, particularly since scorching your skin just once every two years can triple (!) your risk of melanoma.And while most people know better than to expose their skin to sunshine without any sunscreen, sometimes
They're just as susceptible to sun damage!
Heading out? Not too fast! Before enjoying your time out in the sun-and even on your regular commute, because surprise, surprise, it's always sunny AF these days-make sure to put on some sunscreen. And we don't just mean
Yikes! Who knew?
We all know that we're prone to sun damage when we're walking, commuting, and when we don't apply sunscreen. But other than that, you would *think* that as long as you're inside your office
Do you check the UV index regularly?
Sun damage is all too real in a tropical country like ours. On bright days when the sun is in full force (which is nearly every day), the amount of UV radiation from the sun can quickly cause damage to the skin,
What's the difference between SPF and PA, for instance?
Although you should be putting sunscreen every single day, the use of these skincare products tend to rise in the summer months. And that's great-you really need to protect your skin from sun damage if you'll be
So you better use the stuff every day!
If you still don't apply (and reapply!) sunscreen day in and day out, this new study gives you a very good reason to do so.A recent study conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. and published in Dermatologic Surgery has discovered
Your stylish solution for blocking UV rays.
The perfect summer hat is a girl's bestfriend. Why? Well, wearing one gets you out of a really bad hair day. It also makes you look put together-even if you're just wearing a pair of distressed jeans
Practice safe sun this season!
Dr. Jacqueline So, MD, a dermatologist we consulted at Skin Inc., gives us the lowdown on our beauty issues.Question: Can you recommend a good skincare regimen we can follow, especially for the hot summer months?Dr. So: Use sunblock-the higher
Practice safe sun this season by shielding every inch of you from harmful UV rays. Check out these makeup, skincare, and body care products!
By now, we're sure you're daydreaming about all the beach trips and outdoor gimiks you've got planned for the months ahead. But as you start hunting down the latest summer promos and swimwear trends, it'
Confused by terms like SPF, PA, UVA, and UVB? Here's what you need to know about protecting your skin from harmful rays while you soak up the sun this summer.
Ever since we were kids we were told to "wear sunscreen." We hear the technical terms all the time. Sun protection this, UV that. But have you stopped to ponder the significance of these letters and numbers? Does everybody need to wear
Wherever you go this season, be sure you're armed with sun protection essentials for an awesome, worry-free summer vacay.