There's no such thing as too much sushi.
For the most extra party ever, there's no better centerpiece than a sushi cake. It's no surprise that Sushi Nori, known for their overloaded sushi rolls, has their own version. Their Sushi Cake (P1,299) is a towering
Think you can tell the difference?
If you're like me, sushi is life-so much so that even cheap, far-from-fresh sushi is like a gift from the gods. Not gonna lie, I have risked my health and well-being by eating sushi from questionable places (
Your favorite lunchtime 'healthy' snack may contain more calories than you think...
This is a bad week for sushi lovers who have been told we've probably been eating sushi wrong this whole time and now, that "healthy" option you just had for lunch may not be as good for you as you think.
No, we're not making this up.
Out of all the different cuisines to choose from, Japanese food has got to be the least affordable. Sure, there are definitely hole-in-the-wall Japanese places out there, but you'll probably be sacrificing quality for the price. And even
Load up on wasabi.
Sushi may be delicious, but it's not always as healthy as we hope it would be. Yes, fish is essentially healthy, but its uncooked form makes it more prone to parasites, heavy metals (like mercury), and bacteria. If you love sushi
Are you and the gals in the mood for continental, Japanese, or Thai? Cosmo serves the most delectable picks from Eastwood Mall.
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