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It's no secret that working out is easier said than done. Most of the time, the hardest part is finding the motivation and strength to actually start. Minsan, nakakatamad talaga to get up and move, especially when you're
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Early this year, we noticed that mechanical keyboards were making waves all over the internet. You've probably seen some of your gamer friends and even influencers like Rei Germar share it on their Instagram stories. It's actually pretty
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And just like that, we're already halfway through 2021. What a year it has been so far, amirite? These past few months sure haven't been easy on all of us, but if there's one thing we *
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In my line of work, I spend *several* hours online. When I'm not on my laptop, chances are you'll see me scrolling through my phone. Not gonna lie, my screen time can get pretty intense. In fact, as
As unwilling as we are to admit it, Instagram has *a lot* of power over how we feel about ourselves. So much so that one of the number one tips people give and get when it comes to practicing more self-love
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NGL, I only heard the term "neobank" a couple of months ago but a quick Google search reveals that they have been around for years. Here in the Philippines, we're seeing a shift to digital transactions, which TBH, is just
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If you're wondering how to reverse audio and video on TikTok, then you've come to the right place. TikTok's trendy #reverse vids are super popular rn, but a lot of peeps have no idea how to
'I *love* organizing and it's such a game changer! It gets things done.'
Decluttering, organizing, and basically getting your life together isn't always easy. But hey, the good news is it can be done. Small actions can already go a long way (like plotting events on calendars and listing important to-dos on
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One thing I miss most about my life pre-pandemic is being able to freely go out and watch movies in the cinemas. I don't know about you guys, but watching new trailers and snacking on popcorn all while staying
Today, in TikTok news...
Another day, another TikTok lesson that'll make you go, huh? For years, millennials have been using "basic" to describe someone who conforms to certain trends or something that's pretty generic. It largely has a negative connotation but over
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Depending on my mood, there are times when I'm extra motivated to do physical activities just to kill boredom. Sometimes, I like to ride my indoor cycling bike or even go out for walks around my neighborhood (while wearing my
And other dating app *success stories* that'll make you feel all the kilig!
At some point in our lives, we've all probably thought about where (and how) we'll meet "The One." It could be as simple as going to the same school, being teammates at work, or even bumping into each
They're also adding other audio products that are similar to Clubhouse.
You may have noticed that more and more companies are getting people to talk and listen more than type: There's Calamansi, a type of social media based on voice for Pinoys, and of course, Clubhouse. And it looks like Facebook
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What do you guys usually do as soon as you wake up? For me, I *always* check my phone first thing in the morning. Before I even go to the bathroom and hit the shower, it's really a habit of
When was the last time you watched a series and you didn't check your phone?
It was the finale we'd waited almost a decade for. The living room lights were off, the snacks were lined up across the coffee table. The conditions were perfect. I pressed play and eagerly looked over at my boyfriend as
Meet Winnie Talosig-Rebancos, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines' technology chief. 
Winnie Talosig-Rebancos was almost home from her 18th birthday celebration at Jollibee when she heard a commotion. "Magbayad na kayo ng upa niyo!" Their landlord was shouting through a megaphone looking for her parents. All their neighbors could hear that they
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Here at Cosmo, we know how much you guys love all things Instagram-worthy. ICYMI, we recently started a new series where we *decode* the grids of your favorite celebs + influencers and show how you can recreate the same vibe for your
'Di lang halata, but your keyboard might be *filled* with dust right now.
Aside from my cellphone, my laptop is probably the next most important ~material~ thing in my life right now. I use it mostly for work, and honestly, I can't imagine going a day without it. I'm sure marami-
You might have noticed the trending hashtags #changeoil and #changeoilserye.
A woman accused her lover of cheating and lying to her about getting a change oil and unleashed trending hashtags, memes, and influencer parodies. Welcome to love gone sour on social media, where millions of eyeballs can't get enough of