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Take notes and save up.
Before we head to the treatments and procedures, we'd like to make it clear that pigmentation on the underarms is perfectly normal. Dermatologists have assured us of this fact, and discoloration or not having pantay skin doesn't make
Prepare to see big changes!
First of all, we'd like to say that pigmentation on the underarms is perfectly normal. Even dermatologists have assured us of this fact. But, if you prefer to brighten the area, it's perfectly fine, too. There are habits
Yes, it happens.
Sweating is normal. Healthline notes that it "is your body's way of cooling you down." What's interesting is that sweat is made almost entirely of water, and is practically odorless-so why is it that there are times
Fight discoloration in two to three easy steps.
When deodorant alone isn't addressing your underarm woes, up your game with more hardworking products. Concerns like discoloration and chicken skin are no match for an effective underarm skincare routine, and while it sounds like a lot of work, the
We're keeping her tips in mind!
When it comes to our skincare routines, we usually don't pay much attention to our underarms because its maintenance is pretty low-key. But recently, more and more people are starting to be more *mindful* of what they put on
It's actually a simple and easy process!
We Pinoys are obsessed with underarm care. We aim to score flawless pits-smooth, even-toned, and odor-free. Whenever we hit the beauty aisle at the department store (or probs the body care category when online shopping), we're greeted
It only has six steps!
From applying acid toners on your kilikili, concocting all sorts of purifying masks, and mixing up whatever you have in your pantry, there is no shortage of underarm hacks on the internet. If you want a safer and foolproof way of scoring
It's gentler than regular wax!
Let us start this article off by saying that body hair is *completely* normal. Don't let society (or your S.O.) tell you otherwise! It's completely up to you whether you want to remove them or not.That
Make it go away for good.
Underarm odor can happen to everyone, and poor hygiene is not the only factor to be blamed. Other things like genetics and diet can cause your pits to smell funky. But the good news is that there are ways to treat and
Score the flawless kilikli of your dreams.
ICYDK, people are into underarm detoxing to score flawless kiliklii. They do it to ~purify~ the armpits from sweat, dirt, dead skin, and product buildup. They switch to a natural deodorant and apply a clay mask once a week. Think of it
Now is the perfect time to do it.
Ever since the trend of applying toner on your kilikili become widespread, it gave birth to even more hacks for healthier armpits. One of them is going on an underarm detox. This is done by tossing your regular deo for a natural
These products are made for delicate skin.
ln case you missed it, applying toner on your underarms can do wonders! This habit can help clear product buildup, smoothen out texture, and brighten discoloration. Since the skin on the armpits is thin and sensitive, it's highly recommended to
She shared helpful tips during the Cosmo x Belo FB Live!
In case you were in between laser hair removal sessions when the quarantine started, chances are, you're worried about the regrowth. Don't panic-Dr. Vicki Belo gave us some helpful tips during the Cosmo x Belo Facebook Live
Gentle yet effective!
We're always on the quest for anything that can care for our underarms. TBH, we pay attention to them as much as we do our faces! That said, we searched high and low for natural skincare products you can try
You can whip these up in no time!
Just like your face, your underarms also deserve to be pampered. If you don't want to buy skincare products specifically for your kilikili, you can always go the DIY route and create a mask using the ingredients from your kitchen.
One of them may be your tight clothing!
Before we begin, allow us to say one thing: Dark underarms are normal and more common than you think, and there is nothing wrong with them. But, this doesn't stop the fact that underarm discoloration is still one of the
Let your skin ~relax and breathe~.
An "underarm detox" is especially needed when you've always used an antiperspirant, aka an aluminum-based product that stops your pits from sweating. You see, pawis is healthy! And now that you ain't gonna party anywhere, you won&#
It's locally made!
Like many other Pinays, I fuss about the state of my underarms a lot. I used to shave them, and I suffered from razor burns and the occasional nick. The shadow that the hair growth created also gave me the illusion of
Moisturizing is super important!
When it comes to hair removal methods, shaving is the easiest. But, when it is not done properly, you may get razor burn and nicks that may cause your underarms to look dark and feel rough. Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Weylie Hoang
It only has five steps!
Something that usually takes a backseat in our routine is our underarms. After all, you just need to swipe on a deodorant and you're good for the day, right? It's definitely a lot different than your complex skincare