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It's the perfect night light!
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're always searching for items that can make your home look ~*aesthetic*~. We've discovered that lamps can be a great addition if you want to liven up your spaces with some color or
These arm candies are sooo cute!
There's been a lot of bag trends in recent years-hello, baguette bags, micro bags, tote bags, and more-but the one we've been obsessed with recently are ~*beaded*~ bags. They've been popular for quite a
Time to add to cart! ;)
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're big on making and ~preserving~ memories, which is why we're fans of film cameras-whether they're the disposable kind or actual analog ones. We know they can be *quite* expensive,
The set comes in three different designs.
If there's anything we liked about the Nevertheless finale, it's that our favorite couple, Sol and Ji Wan, was treated just like any other heterosexual pairing on the show. Throughout the 10th episode, the best friends turned girlfriends
It'll be from August 26 to 28, 2021.
Before we all welcome the -ber months, we've got some ~exciting~ news to share: realme will be launching its *biggest* ever Shopee Super Brand Day Sale from August 26 to 28! Treat yourself and shop for your favorite gadgets-smartphones,
Their cakes are a work of art!
I love discovering local bakeries because 1) I am obsessed with bread, cakes, and pastries, and 2) I like supporting them! My Instagram Explore page regularly keeps in the loop with new finds, so I saw a unique cake from this local
It comes in three chic and neutral colors!
So you've been mostly staying at home for well over a year now, just chilling in your fave pajamas and loungewear pieces 24/7. Sure, the era we're living in is rough, but at least you get to
A worthy addition to your white sneaker collection.
In the sneaker world, new styles, silhouettes, and colorways are unveiled pretty much every day. The oversaturation in the market can sometimes make the sneaker game feel a little overwhelming that collectors often have to rifle through style after style before finding
Treat yourself to a bucket (or two).
So we've already heard of ~unique~ ice cream flavors like buffalo wings and Indomie. Now, it seems like there's a lot more creative juices going around because we recently discovered a food concept that's just too
There are sooo many designs to choose from!
Almost everyone has fallen in love with Pinay skateboarder Margielyn Didal. ICYMI, the 22-year-old athlete represented the Philippines and ranked seventh place in the finals of the Women's Street Skateboarding event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her positive
They're all available online!
In January, we rounded up some cool chair cushions you can shop in Manila right right now-some with adorable designs, others with high-quality ergonomic construction, depending on your needs and preferences. The product (in all its many forms and designs
The brand also has watermelon soju, wow!
There's no denying how soju has became a staple in our supermarkets and convenience stores. What's commonly sold in the Philippines are peach, blueberry, green grapes, and strawberry-flavored soju, while there are also more unique soju flavors
Make your workspace look extra pretty!
Ever since our company transitioned to a work from home setup, I've made an effort to redecorate my room and create a workspace that I'll love. Since it's an area where I spend most of my
Give your rice cooker a break for now.
As someone who is *obsessed* with food, most of my favorite dishes fall under Italian and Japanese cuisine. TBH, I will never get tired of eating pizza, pasta, sashimi, and ramen. But I gotta admit: As a Pinay, nothing beats a good
Set the *mood* in your bedroom.
If there's one thing I've learned from being mostly at home this past year, it's that I have a newfound appreciation for my bedroom. It's a personal space where I can spend time by
It also lets you remix songs, play games, and display your notifications.
Here are the Cosmo HQ, space makeovers have been our current obsession, and it seems like it's not gonna stop anytime soon. We're always on the lookout for trendy home decor. So far, we've seen a
It comes in the prettiest pastel colors!
When I was in fifth grade, I got my first-ever digital camera. At the time, it was literally one of my most prized possessions because in a way, it kinda fueled my interest in photography. TBH, I enjoy taking pictures and
She calls it an *investment piece*!
Ashley Garcia recently moved into a bigger condo and lucky us, that means the her space makeover series is back! In her last update, we find out that our girl has gotten her hands on the ~perfect~ refrigerator from Brikk-she even
There's *always* room for dessert.
If I could eat just one type of dessert for the rest of my life, it would probably have to be ice cream or gelato. TBH, there's nothing quite like the frozen treat and from experience, even a small serving
It's a good investment!
It's been a little over a year since the pandemic hit and most of us had to transition to a work from home setup. Like me, I'm sure you've gone through the stages of redecorating your