It looks super intense!
It's been a few months since Jane De Leon was announced to be the newest actress to play Darna, and she recently showed on Instagram that she's already hard at work preparing for the role.Yesterday, November 17,
Time for your food intake to get the most out of high intensity exercise.
High intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, is a firm favorite among gym-goers. It's efficient, it forces you to work hard, and it targets the whole body in each calorie-blasting session.To get the most out of
She's about five months pregnant now!
After sharing her prenatal gym exercises earlier this month, Solenn Heussaff is posting more about her workout routine. About five months pregnant now, Solenn says, "For those asking, I'm still working out because I've always been active. Loving prenatal yoga
Damn, girl.
Before having her first child, 27-year-old Utah native Natalie Swenson didn't stick to much of an exercise routine.But six weeks after her daughter was born, Swenson, a cosmetologist-turned-Zyia activewear rep, decided she wanted to start
It's not just beneficial for relaxing.
Pilates is the kind of workout you might group in the "relaxing exercise" category, along with yoga and swimming. But that might not be giving it as much credit as it deserves.Can pilates help you lose weight? Why yes, indirectly it
He did his own workout and diet program.
At the press conference of Hello, Love, Goodbye, Alden Richards shared the first time he met director Cathy Garcia-Molina at the look test with Kathryn Bernardo for the movie. "Nakita ko si direk na parang may hinahanap. Parang naghahanap ng panga.""
Some activities can be more effective for anxiety than others.
There's no "miracle cure" for anxiety. Depending on the individual, it can take counseling, medication, or lifestyle changes (or a combination of all three) to help someone move through a period of intense anxiety.One of the most common lifestyle
Rufa Mae is getting some feel-good vibes going through working out!
Rufa Mae Quinto has been getting her dose of positive vibes from working out. In one of her workout posts on Instagram, Rufa shared that when she was single, she couldn't even lift herself up and do pull-ups. "I guess [
After testing them myself, here's what I discovered.
I pick my sneakers for fashion, not function, and as someone who has a love-hate relationship with running (childhood asthma memories, ask me later) and the gym (too boring, would rather go spinning), it just makes things less complicated if I
OMG at Nico's description!
Nico Bolzico is at it again! He totally trolled Erwan Heussaff today on Instagram.It looks like Erwan is in Singapore for an event, based on his IG stories.Not one to skip on his workouts, Erwan took to the gym to
Having BJ Pascual as her fitness buddy helped her out a lot!
On Saturday, May 26, GMA-7 actress Janine Gutierrez uploaded a vlog on how she was able to achieve abs in just 27 days.The Kapuso star's desired result for a magazine shoot also served as her motivation to go
Here's her abs workout routine.
In her latest vlog, Erich Gonzales shares her abs workout with trainer Ferdie Laforteza aka Coach Flex. Her routine includes leg raises, crunches, and mountain climbers. She does everything in real time, and you can totally relate to her struggle to finish
Zac tries to earn his honorary Victoria’s Secret angel wings!
Victoria's Secret Angels Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Josephine Skriver, and Kelsey Merritt showed Zac Efron what it takes to get a Victoria's Secret angel body. In his latest YouTube vlog published on May 28, Zac and the Victoria's Secret
Anne finally posted a video of her workout!
If you follow Anne Curtis on Instagram, you'll know how often she posts her workouts on Instagram Stories. As it is one of her most requested videos, Anne finally shared a short video of her quick circuit workout on May 24
We wore the products during an exercise class to find out!
Kathryn Bernardo's first collaboration with local beauty brand Happy Skin was a huge success. The Generation Happy Skin line was always sold out, and fans and beauty enthusiasts couldn't seem to get enough of it. This is why
She and Isabelle Daza asked their trainer to 'be kind to us' that day.
Another day, another Anne Curtis workout video-but this time, she's getting real about what it's really like when she's "tired as hell." On Instagram Stories, the actress opens up about exercising with Isabelle Daza on an off day.
Love these 3,000.
By now, you've probably seen Avengers: Endgame, so you know that around the two-hour mark, shit got real. Those fight scenes made me want to dress in head-to-toe Iron Man gear and go straight to the nearest
'I’ve never felt this good and strong.'
Two months after giving birth to her second child, Andi Manzano is sharing her fitness routine. She got the go signal from her doctor that she could start working out one month after giving birth.The radio DJ and vlogger is all
Erwan, watch out for those dagger eyes!
Anne Curtis is totally beasting it out these days with her workouts. A peek at her Instagram stories will show you just how much she's exercising each day to keep strong and fit, and because of this, boy, are we
Watch Nina crush Zac’s workout!
Zac Efron quietly launched his new YouTube channel on March 30. For his second vlog entry, Zac hit the gym with good friend and actress, Nina Dobrev.According to Zac's video description, Gym Time "is a weekly show where I train
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