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5 Beauty Trends Andrea Brillantes Is Always Wearing

Sobrang fresh niya palagi!
PHOTO: instagram/blythe

When it comes to beauty inspo, there is no such thing as "too young" or "too old." Case in point: Andrea Brillantes. A quick scroll through the 16-year-old actress' Instagram feed reveals how adventurous she is when it comes to makeup and hairstyles! Below, we've compiled all the trends she has mastered:

  1. Thick arches

    When we think of Andrea, her signature bushy eyebrows are what come to mind. She just brushes them up because she doesn't need to fill them in anymore. (We're so jealous!)

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  2. Drunk blush

    Another key feature of Andrea's makeup style is the drunk blush look. She isn't afraid to pack on the rouge!

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  3. Long hair

    Andrea has long hair, and she definitely loves experimenting with different hairstyles that suit her ~youthful~ personality.

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  4. Colored contact lenses

    Andrea often uses colored contact lenses to ~jazz~ up her look. 

  5. MLBB lipstick

    Andrea is a big fan of MLBB lipsticks, and we don't blame her! One swipe of this lippie shade can immediately make her look put-together.

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