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Pinays With Long Hair Share Their Everyday Struggles

'Lip gloss + wind = 'yoko na po.'
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Oh, long hair—to have it is both a blessing and a curse. We love it mainly because you can do a lot of  ~*fun*~ hairstyles: ponytails, braids, buns, intricate up-dos—the world is our oyster! As for the disadvantages... well, there are a LOT. We asked the girls from Cosmo Mixers (our fun Facebook group which you should totes join!) to share the everyday struggles of having long, flowing tresses. Read their funny (and v relatable) responses below:

One item that you should have aside from a brush? A walis.

  • “Long strands of hair everywhere in the house.” –Istin
  • “Hair everywheeeeere.” –June Pauline

The wind is your worst enemy.

  • Mahangin ba sa labas?” -Eryka
  • “Lip gloss + wind = 'yoko na po.” -Tish
  • “If the situation is windy tapos matatakpan ng hair mo yung face mo or magugulo siya.” -Karyssa
  • “'Pag hinangin yung buhok tapos creamy ang lipstick, patay na. Guguhit na sa mukha.” -Catherine
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It’s a given: You will get tangles.

  • “For me, napipilitan ako mag-suklay because TANGLES!!!” -Ira
  • Buhol always.” -Leah
  • "Brushing and tying your hair are arm workouts!” -Andrea
  • "Bye bye panali, hello buhol.” -Angel

A trip to the salon gives you trust issues.

  • Mahal magpa-salon!” -Monina
  • “When you tell the hairstylist how many inches to cut off because you wanna retain the length, but he or she cuts off more than the length you agreed on.” -Paulina
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