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PSA: Now Is Not The Time To Get Beauty Treatments

Those can wait.
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Now that the World Health Organization officially COVID-19 a pandemic, extra precautionary measures are strongly urged to prevent the spread of the disease. Here in the Philippines, there are 52 confirmed cases and the death count was raised to five. 

WHO recommends frequent hand-washing with soap and water and the use of hand sanitizer and alcohol only when you're on the go. Social distancing is highly reinforced, too. In fact, President Rodrigo Duterte has placed Metro Manila on "Community Quarantine." Land, air, and sea travel to the city are prohibited starting March 15 until April 12, 2020. It's a serious matter, and we should cooperate to stop the issue from escalating.

WHO also discourages us from touching our eyes, nose, and lips, as these areas are portals for disease-causing bugs. This means you must pause your trips to the makeup counter and cancel your beauty appointments.

Whether you're planning to get facials or a mani-pedi, these services call for close physical contact. Be responsible not to expose yourself and others to the COVID-19 threat. These can wait, we assure you. Plus, it's better to stay at home instead.


If you're still worried about clogged pores, you may try these exfoliating products that will dislodge stuck gunk. We also have a guide on how to do a DIY pedi, too.

(Ed's note: One way to prevent the spread of any virus is to wash your hands often. It will also help if you use germ-killing disinfectants like alcohol or hand sanitizer. If you're feeling any symptoms, please see a health professional ASAP.)

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