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How To Get That Dreamy, Soft Glow #Aesthetic Effect For Your Photos

Only minimal editing is needed!
how to get dreamy soft glow aesthetic for photos
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/nadine, Shaira Luna via Instagram/leilalcasid

Here's at, we're constantly finding ways to level up our Instagram game. From finding apps that will help you score that grainy, overexposed effect to listing down the best low-key sexy poses from celebs, we've got you covered, girl! Today, we'll be discussing how you can get that dreamy, ~soft glow~ effect that's all over Insta rn. Check out some examples from Nadine Lustre and Leila Alcasid:

A dreamy Nadine Lustre
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how to get dreamy soft glow aesthetic for photos
Shaira Luna via Instagram/leilalcasid

While you can create the same effect with the use of Photoshop and *tricky* camera settings, we found other ways to score similar results. Keep on scrolling to be schooled:

How to Score Dreamy, Soft Glow Effect for Photos

Method 1: Petroleum jelly

YouTuber Amy Serrano places a tiny amount of moisturizer or petroleum jelly on the lens of her camera to get that hazy effect. She smears it directly on the lens, but if you don't want any potential damage, make sure to put some cling wrap beforehand. 

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Placing a tiny amount of moisturizer or petroleum jelly on the lens of your camera
Place a tiny amount of moisturizer or petroleum jelly on the lens of your camera or phone. YouTube/Amy Serrano
Make sure to turn the flash on
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Watch Amy's full video below:


Method 2: Pantyhose or stockings

Another low-budget way to score that hazy effect for your photos is by wrapping nude-colored pantyhose or stockings around the lens of your camera or phone. It may seem weird, but trust us when we say it will do ~*wonders*~ for your pics! Just check out the results from YouTuber byxavierholo.

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Watch byxavierholo's full video below:

How to create a HAZE/DREAMY Film effect !

Method 3: PicsArt

PicsArt isn't just great for creating Y2K-style aesthetic pics; it's also amazing for adding different filters to your photos! This tutorial from YouTuber revealingappyay shows you how the exact settings to tweak so that you get that dreamy effect with *tons* of grain. Check out one of the edited pictures:

how to get dreamy soft glow aesthetic for photos
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Watch revealingappyay's full video below:

Dreamy Aesthetic filter with picsart | tutorial.

After you're done taking photos, the only editing you'll need to do is adjusting the brightness to your liking and adding some grain for a more ~vintage~ effect. Post your pics on the 'gram and see the double taps come in!

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