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These Products Can Help You Get The Glowiest Skin Of Your Life

It's time to glow, girl!

Achieving glowing skin takes a lot of consistent hard work: You need a brightening skincare regimen with additional help from exfoliating products, and you have to supplement it with the right makeup, too. 

To help in your path to score a dewy and fresh complexion forever, we round up the best radiance-boosting skincare and makeup products.

  1. Pixi Vitamin C Juice Cleanser

    This micellar water cleanser gets rid of dirt and light makeup like a pro. Aside from its cleansing ability, it is powered by Vitamin C, which brightens and evens out your complexion. It also has ferulic acid and probiotics that boosts your skin's radiance and protects the skin barrier from sun damage and free radicals.

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    Pixi Vitamin C Juice Cleanser, P1,090,

  2. SNAILWHITE Icy Mask Face Mask

    We can't help but envy Erich Gonzales' radiant, bright complexion, and she credits it from using SNAILWHITE products. Their Icy Mask has the signature snail secretion filtrate and French Silene Colorata flower extract that plumps skin and tightens pores, making your complexion look smooth and radiant overnight.

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    SNAILWHITE Icy Mask Face Mask Box of 6, P395, Lazada

  3. The Ordinary The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA

    Its active ingredient, mandelic acid, provides superficial peeling and is milder than regular AHAs. This serum brightens and evens out the skin's surface with regular use.

    The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA, P549, Beauty Beat

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  4. Banila Co. Dear Hydration Boosting Cream

    Whether you prefer to wear makeup or not, applying a non-greasy moisturizer will help create a dewy, glowing effect. The Banila Co. Dear Hydration Boosting Cream has a non-sticky formula that makes your face look plump and radiant. Also, the more moisturized your complexion is, the less visible your scars and skin's uneven texture will be.

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    Banila Co. Dear Hydration Boosting Cream, P1,295, Glorietta

  5. Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation

    For a medium yet natural-looking coverage, turn to the Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation. Its formula contains photochromic pigments that boost the complexion's brightness in any lighting, natural or artificial. Skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic and flower acids hydrate and switch on your face's natural radiance.

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    Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation, P1,990, Glorietta

  6. Nudestix Magnetic Nude Glimmer

    Dab this cream-to-gel highlighter on your cheekbones, inner corners of the eye, and eyelids to score an overall glow on your face.

    Nudestix Magnetic Nude Glimmer in 24K Goddess, P1,725,

  7. Generation Happy Skin Active On-The-Go Blush Lightweight Cheek Stick in Flushed

    We're big fans of this sweatproof blush! It delivers a beautiful dewy flush (hence its name!) on the cheeks with just a few dabs. It lasts the whole day, so you can be sure you'll look fresh and blooming for hours.

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    Generation Happy Skin Active On-The-Go Blush Lightweight Cheek Stick in Flushed, P399, Lazada

  8. Bonus: Professional Glycolic Peel

    According to Dr. Vicki Belo, to get glowing skin, you must have an even skin tone and your skin texture should be smooth, so when the light to hits the skin, you'll look like you're naturally ~*radiant*~. To achieve this, she suggests to add exfoliating products in your regimen and to get Belo Medical Group's Glycolic Mask once a month. The AHA concoction gently exfoliates and brightens, revealing luminous skin right after the treatment.

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    Belo Glycolic Peel Cleaning (an add-on for facials), P1,800 to P2,500, Belo Clinics

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