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This Easy Tutorial Will Help You Score '90s Flipped Ends In No Time

So cute!
PHOTO: instagram/sacheu

If your locks are feeling a little ~blah~ but you don't want to do anything drastic to it, such as cutting, bleaching, or dyeing, you may just change the way your hair looks by heat-styling it. An easy one you can do is the '90s flipped ends hairstyle. Sarah Cheung, one of our go-to YouTubers, shared an easy tutorial of how she does the iconic 'do. Keep on reading to learn more:

Sarah starts off by applying hair oil to her locks to keep them soft and moisturized, then she combs through it using a paddle brush to remove tangles. After, she spritzes a heat protectant spray to shield her tresses from the high temperature. 

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Then, she sections off the top half of her hair using a claw clip (it looks like a hun hairstyle, TBH) so she can work on the bottom half. With a straightener, she gathers a portion of her hair, then pulls it upwards for a few seconds, then works the iron to her ends, curling it inwards. According to her, the reason she does the upward-bend maneuver is to give her hair more volume when she lets down the rest of her hair.

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Finally, she removes the claw clip and works on the top half section sans the upward-bend maneuver. Using a round brush, she brushes through her locks one last time to ensure the inward curl.

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Watch Sarah's tutorial here:

'90s Flipped Ends Hairstyle Tutorial

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