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This Product Will Make Life With Bangs So MUCH Better


I sported bangs in 2018, and I have to say I miss how it defined my round face. What I don't miss about it is the ~malagkit~ feeling of having a fringe when it's hot (aka all the time). When the strands start sticking on my forehead, the bangs appear chunky and my skin is at risk of getting breakouts. It ain't cute at all!

I can also never forget Heart Evangelista's vlog where she declared that she regrets having bangs and just wants to grow them out. (Truly a #mood.) That's when I concluded that bangs become harder to fix throughout the day, and I swore to myself that I'm done with the hairstyle.

But after seeing photos of hairstyles with bangs, I am now torn (again) if I should get a haircut or just let my locks be. I don't want to struggle with clumps of hair on my forehead anymore, but the hairdos are sooo gorgeous.

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Thankfully, a visit to the store opening of A'pieu in SM Megamall changed ~everything~. There, I discovered the A'pieu Hair Laundry Tissue. It works as a blotting sheet for your bangs that absorbs odor, grease, and dirt—aka no more malagkit bangs and forehead pimples! You can also use it on your head to lift the roots. It's only P150 for 10 sheets. I like that the packaging is small, so it can fit even a tiny bag. Think of it as a portable dry shampoo/blotting sheets for your bangs! Amazing, right?!

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A'pieu Hair Laundry Tissue, P150, SM Megamall

So... it looks like I'll be getting bangs after all. ;) How about you? Let us know in the comments!

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