Heart Evangelista Wishing For Her Bangs To Grow Is Super Relatable

Heart is just like us!
PHOTO: Twitter/heart021485

Do you still remember when we created a quiz to determine whether or not you're ready to get bangs? We made it because we felt that ~everybody~ (including us) needed help in discerning. We always hear from our friends that the main reason they got a fringe was that they were bored and they wanted something new. Then after days or weeks, they start regretting it because maintaining it is a bish!

Heart Evangelista knows this predicament all too well. She is already wishing for her bangs to grow long. She tweeted, "Dear lord , sana humaba Na bangs ko. Amen. #struggleisreal #char #workday"

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She also mentioned it in her New York Fashion Week Vlog that she'll never have bangs again, LOL. We feel you, girl. (See the 16:35 mark!)


We really can't blame her. These are the common problems one encounters when she gets bangs. Tell us if these aren't true:

  1. Your bangs get greasy by midday.
  2. It's hard to style. Your bangs have sumpong sometimes!
  3. Your forehead becomes prone to pimples.
  4. A fringe needs bi-weekly trims because it grows fast.

So yeah, we're all in this together, Heart! We're all wishing for your bangs to grow long. In the meantime, let's admire her fringed lewks here:

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