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20 Pretty Hairstyles With Bangs You Should Try In 2021

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Hairstyles with bangs
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The end of December is one of the most popular times to get haircuts. Welcoming January with a fresh hairstyle kinda tells the world you're ~*ready*~ to start over and conquer the new year!

If you're Team New Year, New Hair and you're still searching for your next signature 'do, we suggest you try bangs. A fringe doesn't call for a major chop, so you won't get FOMO with your long locks. Plus, bangs enhance your facial bone structure! READ: They make your face look slimmer.

Ready for your hair makeover? Check out our list of hairstyle inspo below:

  1. Long hair with sheer bangs hairstyle

    Here's an easy way to upgrade your long hairstyle without cutting a lot of hair. Also, sheer bangs are the best choice for those who are still aren't sure if they are ready to commit to a fringe. (FYI, bangs are high-maintenance!)

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  2. Lob with blunt bangs hairstyle

    A lob was once a haircut trend, but because of its flattering shape and versatility, it became a classic! Make things more interesting by adding full blunt bangs to the mix.

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  3. Bob with blunt bangs hairstyle

    In case you haven't heard, the bob is the hottest haircut of 2019. If you want a 2020 upgrade, ask your stylist to snip off blunt bangs.

  4. Curly bangs hairstyle

    Embrace your curls and enhance your hair's shape by adding bangs. You won't regret it. ;)

  5. Lob with wispy bangs hairstyle

    If you've got fine hair, wispy bangs are your perfect choice. 

  6. Apple bob with soft wispy bangs hairstyle

    An apple bob is super cute, and believe it or not, it's bagay on round faces! But if you're not too confident about it, add soft wispy bangs to emphasize the cheekbones—making the cheeks look slimmer.

  7. Brunette to blonde ombré with curtain bangs

    This hairstyle is made for those who aren't ready to be 100 percent blonde. This color is easier to maintain, after all. The curtain bangs add a cool-girl touch.

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  8. Layered lob with long shaggy bangs

    Well, well, well, the shaggy haircut is back with a vengeance in 2020. Spice it up with bangs of the same texture.

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  9. Long black hair with blunt baby bangs hairstyle

    Micro bangs were so big in 2019, but if that style is too risque, have your fringe cut just a few millimeters above your brows.

  10. Layered lob with curtain bangs hairstyle

    FYI, curtain bangs make the face look slimmer! These add dimension to your long locks and enhance your facial bone structure. You can part your hair on the side for a more voluminous effect.

  11. Lob with soft, long curtain bangs hairstyle

    Side bangs that fall right below the ears are the perfect not-halata and face-slimming haircut.

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  12. Bob with side-swept bangs hairstyle

    Grow out a full fringe and you've got side-swept bangs. 

  13. Long layers with crescent-shaped full bangs hairstyle

    We'll always love layered haircuts, and curtain shaggy bangs make the classic hairstyle look super sexy!

  14. Short bob with micro bangs hairstyle

    Surprisingly, micro bangs were popular in 2019. We're predicting the trend will continue in 2020.

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  15. Shoulder-length hair plus wispy bangs

    Look extra sweet and cute in this classic hairstyle. BTW, we think you probably tried this haircut when you were still in school!

  16. Pigtail braids with blunt full bangs hairstyle

    It's about time that we explore braided hairstyles in 2020! Look cute or wuteva in pigtail plaits and full bangs. 

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  17. Wavy ends with bangs hairstyle

    You don't need a curling iron to get wavy ends. All you have to do is to tie your damp hair in a bun, let it set overnight (or just a few hours), and unravel the soft curls.

  18. Ballerina bun with sheer wavy bangs hairstyle

    Going somewhere fancy? Put your hair up in a ballerina bun and curl your sheer bangs. No idea how? Here's an easy tutorial.

  19. Pixie cut with side-swept bangs hairstyle

    Still undecided if you should go for a pixie cut? This could be just the sign you're looking for. ;)

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  20. Short bob with sheer bangs hairstyle

    Combine the two biggest trends of the moment: A bob haircut and wispy bangs!

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