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10 ~*Pretty*~ Ways You Can Try Ash Brown Hair

It's time you give this cool-toned hair color a chance!
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Here, we rarely see people with ash brown hair. Women (and men) usually go for neutral or warm browns, which, tbh, isn't surprising—it's easier to achieve because it can work with the warm or reddish undertones already present in our Asian strands. 

But it's about time we all give ash brown hair colors a chance. Contrary to what you think, its cool undertone can actually flatter fair, medium, morena, and deep complexions without making the skin look dull or sallow. You just need the right colorist to help guide you through the process! 

So whenever you're ready to sport this hair color, check out our favorite varieties of ash brown hair below. We guarantee you'll be able to find one you like.

  1. Ash Brown Tips

    If you want to ease your way into the world of ash brown hair, try getting the hue on your tips first. A darker, cool-toned brown base will be applied first. After, your stylist will then paint ash brown sections on the ends of your hair to create a soft and natural-looking finish. When done right, you'll look like you were born with it. ;)

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  2. Smoked Ash 

    Who would've thought that dusty and smoky hues could look so good on hair? Smoked ash brown hair is perfect for those who aren't afraid of being experimental with their mane. While it's not as high maintenance as rainbow hair colors, smoked ash still requires a ton of care to preserve its ~cool girl~ look. You can also expect to be in the salon for a while as your tresses will have to be bleached and dyed multiple times to get the gradient just right.

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  3. Gray Meets Silver

    You know what complexion pairs best with gray or silver hair? Morenas! The contrast between the warmth of the skin tone and the coolness of the hair looks really edgy. If you don't have a tan complexion, though, that's okay! You can still sport this hair color, and it will create a brightening effect on your skin.

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  4. Ash Bronde

    An ash bronde, with a subtle balayage, is tdf! When done properly, this hair color is supposed to look like it's beautifully fading. We swear, all the hours you'll spend at the salon and the money you;ll shell out will be worth it. 

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  5. Ombré Ash Brown

    If you're scared to bleach and color your tresses from root-to-tip, you can opt for this ombré hair color instead. It will make use of your hair's natural shade and create an ashy gradient look from that. The result? A low-key, yet gorg, black-ash brown combination!

  6. Light Ash Brown

    Already planning what hair color to get for summer? This is it! Light ash brown hair (often mistaken for a dirty blonde) will allow you to dramatically upgrade your look from brown or black. But before you schedule your appointment, remember that you'll need to clear your schedule that day. Why? Depending on how dark your mane already is, your hairstylist will have to bleach it to at least two to three levels lighter. Plus, they'll have to apply a purple or green toner to cancel out any red undertones in your strands before going in with the correct dye. Doing all this will clearly take some time.

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  7. Rose

    We don't like to play favorites as all these hair colors are gorgeous, but we can't help it, this hair color looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The key to getting this IG and Pinterest-worthy hair color is by adding pink or rosy highlights to your ash brown base. This will create a mesmerizing 3D effect.

  8. Ash Brown Highlights

    A hair color you can wear anytime in the year! You can get ash brown highlights with whatever hair color you already have; it will add a soft, yet, chic touch to any hair shade. Word of advice: Be patient as it might take multiple bleaching sessions to lift the warm undertones from your Pinay hair.

  9. Purple Highlights

    Calling all adventurous, CGs! If you want to amp up your ash brown hair color, why not add purple to the mix? The combination will add some chic movement to your locks, especially once it hits the light. But we highly suggest you go to a professional to get this look done because they'll know what shade of purple can work best with your skin's unique undertones. Their expert skills will ensure the highlights to look seamless!

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  10. Metallic Ash Brown

    Want your mane to look shiny AF? Try a metallic ash brown hair color! This trendy look entails getting different tones of ash brown on your locks to create a dimensional, gradient finish that looks glossy and polished. Btw, when you get this hair color, you'll need a good color-enhancing haircare routine to prevent warm, brassy tones from appearing!

How can I get ash brown hair?

As Asians, we are born with dark, almost pitch-black hair. So if you plan to color your hair ash brown, we highly recommend (especially if you're a hair dye newbie) to get your locks done by an expert hairstylist.

Ash brown requires bleaching, and if you do it on your own with no prior experience, you could end up damaging your strands too much and end up having to get a haircut. If you're overwhelmed by the amount of money you'll have to spend to get ash brown hair, you can always bring your own box of hair dye with you and ask the stylist to use that. It'll be so much cheaper!

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What are the other tips I need to know if I already have ash brown hair?

Ash brown hair requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance as it's a cool-toned-based look. If your haircare routine contains chemical-filled shampoos and conditioners, you're going to have to change that. The key to maintaining dyed hair for months is via sulfate-free, color-enhancing products that won't strip the shade away.

You're also going to want to invest in hydrating AF products like oils, serums, leave-in conditioners, and masks because the process of bleaching and coloring your locks can make your strands dry, brittle, and prone to breaking. If you can, avoid heat-styling your locks as much as possible, too. Don't worry, you can still get beachy waves sans the heat! We show you how it's done here!