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Yes, Beer-Colored Hair Is A Thing—Here's How You Can Achieve It

PHOTO: (left) instagram/whiterosecollective; (right) instagram/nikkilee901

Gathering inspiration from food and drinks for your next hair color is nothing new. There was milk tea, cotton candy, cold brew, and even peanut butter and jelly. This time, the newest beverage-based hue you should try is ~*beer*~! With all the parties and walwal sessions lined up this holiday season, it's def the perfect shade to try.

This hue was made famous by Colin Caruso, the artistic director of John Paul Mitchell Systems. He was inspired when he visited a brewery, and he decided to translate it to a hair color. Like its namesake beverage, this trendy shade has a beautiful deep mahogany base with swirls of amber highlights.


According to his interview with Glamour"It's different from traditional brunettes because of the richness and the depth it provides. It's warm without the brassy undertones some people associate with traditional brunettes."

This custom color is created using the balayage technique. The hair is dyed a shade of brown, then some gold hues are mixed in. However, it can be a bit tricky to attain without looking ~brassy~. To avoid this, Caruso advises asking your hairstylist for rich and warm highlights. He also recommends asking for a semi-permanent tint so as not to damage your locks if you're not yet ready for the ~dreaded~ bleach.

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This is the perfect stepping stone if you're hesitant to commit to brighter, pastel hues but you still want ~some~ color in your strands! 

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