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19 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas That Will Always Be Bagay On Pinays

It's time to try this universally flattering yummy color on your locks!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/razzohaircare, (RIGHT) Instagram/notanothersalon

If you already have naturally dark hair and are considering updating your locks with some color, here are 19 chocolate hair colors to inspire your next pakulay appointment. From a full head of rich brown, to glossy lowlights and caramel balayage, these styles are enough to make you salivate.

  1. Full bodied

    Enhance your natural curl texture with a true chocolate brown shade all over.

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  2. Toffee tones

    Dip into the chocolate trend the foolproof way. Crisp toffee highlights are universally flattering.

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  3. 70 percent cocoa

    Pretend you're part of the Kardashian clan with a rich, deep chocolate tone, that's almost black, but not quite.

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  4. Rich and glossy

    If you're addicted to your black hair dye, let this super glossy style inspire you to have a break from the dark side.

  5. Spice girl

    Proving that it's not just for Christmas themed hot chocolates, cinnamon is now a highly requested shade within salons for achieving a chocolate box head of hair.

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  6. Salted caramel

    Consider caramel tones your fast track route to rich brown hair with depth and body.

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  7. Hint of milk

    Keep the roots dark and lighten up your ends with some lighter chocolate balayage.

  8. Sweet curls

    Highlight your natural curl pattern with some chocolate lowlights on top of a darker brown base.

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  9. Cocoa blends

    It may be a wig, but that's not going to stop us booking an appointment for this '90s-inspired brunette hair.

  10. Butterscotch balayage

    Balayage need not always mean going blonde. A colorist armed with an arsenal of toner can achieve these butterscotch tones by creating lighter brown sections.

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  11. Bittersweet

    If we haven't convinced you to leave the blonde side yet, this glossy almost black color will do that guaranteed.

  12. Chocolate ganache

    Ask your hair colorist, or use an at-home glossing treatment to boost the shine of your newly dyed mane.

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  13. Chocolate orange

    These honey tones give us serious chocolate orange vibes—the major similarity being that both are usually finished in one sitting.

  14. Hint of dark

    Proof that brunette hair doesn't have to equal flat hair. A mixture of chocolate tones will add dimension and highlight your natural texture.

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  15. Triple choc

    Add depth to fine hair with a combination of dark chocolate layers and lowlights.


  16. Toffee ombré

    This ombré chocolate style is the most natural way to gently lift darker tones.

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  17. Sugar glaze

    Add a hint of red to your chocolate brown for a slightly lighter color that radiates in the sunlight.

  18. Chocaholic

    Try chocolate tones without the commitment by using a semi-permanent gloss color.

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  19. Hot cocoa

    These burnished bonfire tones have got us longing for hot chocolate.


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