Try Chocolate Lilac If You're Not Yet Ready For Bright, Pastel Hair Colors

Looks just like ube, tbh!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/sonnycalihair; (right) instagram/hairwithtiare_vivosalon

We can't deny that we love (or aspire to have) pastel-colored hair. It's been on-trend for so many years now. It's loud, eye-catching, and a scene-stealer. But if the thought of having candy-colored tresses seem daunting but you do want to color your hair, chocolate lilac is an option you can try!

If it sounds like a weird combination, trust us when we say that it will look ah-mazing on Pinays. It's a combination of a deep chocolate brown base color and a floral-inspired purple. According to Tiare Kupenga's (a stylist at Vivo Hair and Skin Clinic in New Zealand) interview with Allure, "Chocolate lilac hair is a perfect mix. It's not too high fashion, not too plain. In the sunlight, it'll shine vibrant purple, and indoors, it'll look violet-brown." 

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This specific hue is created using a balayage technique. The roots are dyed dark brown and the purple is blended from the roots to the tips, thus creating the custom shade.

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I think we just found the perfect hair color for the holidays. BRB, going to the salon!

H/t: Allure

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