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10 Pinays With Curly And Wavy Hair Reveal Their Favorite Conditioners + Hair Masks

The more moisturizing they are, the better.

If you're a naturally curly- or wavy-haired girl, you probably spent most of your life with frizzy, unruly hair that no product could seem to fix. You also probably had your mane rebonded or chemically straightened at least once, as recommended by a salon stylist or a tita who said "you'd look prettier with straight hair" (ugh). But thanks to the rise of strong, independent, curly- and wavy-haired women who spread the word about the Curly Girl Method, there's proof and that your dream hair can be attained with just the right products and routine!

There are four main steps in the Curly Girl Method: cleanse, condition, style, and dry. It may sound like literally every hair routine out there, but when you follow the CGM, there are specific ways to do each step. You also have to be mindful of the ingredients in the hair care products you use. The general rule is to avoid those with sulfates, silicones, and alcohols).


Conditioners play a huge role in the CGM—apart from being used to hydrate and moisturize, they are also often used as a replacement of shampoo to cleanse the hair (also known as co-washing). Wondering which conditioners ~actually~ work for curly and wavy hair? Keep scrolling! 

  1. Human Nature Moisturizing Natural Conditioner

    "I make sure to use sulfate- and silicone-free products for my 2C/3A, medium porosity, and mixed-strand textured hair. I use different conditioners alternately, and one of my go-to products is this moisturizing conditioner from Human Nature. I condition my hair with it every day. I let it soak on my locks until it's just damp, and then scrunch it after applying dry oil and aloe vera gel." - Sylvina Lopez

    Price: P54.75 for 50 ml, P149.75 for 200 ml, P274.75 for 400 ml

    Where to buy: Beauty Bar, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan's Supermarket

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  2. Keraplus Brazilian Keratin Smooth with Milk Protein & Virgin Coconut Oil

    "I find that my hair loves products with coconut in them. I also appreciate how this mask is very affordable and can easily be found in most groceries. I use hair masks once a week, and I alternate this one with another Curly Girl-approved coconut-infused mask. I put on a heat mask after applying it on my hair and leave it on for up to 30 minutes." - Nats Presillas

    Price: P35 for 6 sachets

    Where to buy: Shopee, All leading supermarkets


  3. Suave Aloe & Waterlily Conditioner

    "My hair is prone to frizz and this conditioner keeps it hydrated without making it flat or greasy. I apply this daily by squishing the product together with water through the hair for about 10 minutes—this method is more effective in locking in the moisture versus just combing the product through your hair. I also love the light and clean scent!" - Trixia Adre

    Price: P189.75 for 887 ml

    Where to buy: Watsons, The SM Store, select supermarkets 


  4. Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Conditioner

    "Since I have bleached hair, my goal is to keep my curly hair as healthy as possible. I follow the Curly Girl Method, which means I use less shampoo and more conditioner. That said, I use this conditioner the same way other people use shampoo. I massage it onto my scalp to make sure it's clean and free of any buildup, and then I rinse thoroughly." - Anzenne Roble

    Price: P260 for 200ml, P652 for 500ml, P913 for 1000ml

    Where to buy:, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA


  5. Organic Care Colour Shield Conditioner

    "I found this while looking for an SLS-free conditioner after coloring my hair a few months ago. I like it because it's not like the usual conditioners that are slippery and cling to your hair no matter how many times you try to rinse it off. I use it whenever I wash my hair, which is every other day. I coat my strands with the product (avoiding the scalp), finger-comb my hair, then rinse it off after a few minutes. I'm also planning to start doing the Curly Girl Method, so I'll probably be 'squishing to condish-ing' real soon!" - Paulina Paras

    Price: P299 for 400ml

    Where to buy: Watsons


  6. Human Nature Hair Revival Coco Mask

    "I like this hair mask because it's local, relatively easy to find, and it really helped improve my hair's texture. I usually wash my locks every four days—curly hair is drier than straight hair, so it doesn't need to be washed daily. I use this mask once a week to keep my tresses moisturized." - Timmy Potenciano

    Price: P329.75 for 150g

    Where to buy:, Watsons, Beauty Bar, The SM Store


  7. V05 Extra Body Volumizing Conditioner

    "I use this conditioner to co-wash, aka use conditioner in place of shampoo to clean my hair. I like it because it smells nice and adds definition to my curls!" - Rosas Bernardino

    Price: P164.75 for 783ml

    Where to buy: Leading supermarkets nationwide

  8. Zenutrients Aloe Vera Moisturizing Conditioner

    "I wash my hair daily because I sweat a lot and I don't feel clean if I don't wash my hair. This is my current favorite conditioner because it tames my wavy hair, keeps it frizz-free, and is moisturizing, too! I also like that it's SLS-free and doesn't feel heavy on the hair. I apply this conditioner all over my strands, keep it on for a few minutes (usually the length of one song, LOL), then rinse it off." - Ana Constantino


    Price: P260 for 200ml

    Where to buy:, SM North EDSA, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Megamall

  9. Forest Magic Gugo Herbal Hair Conditioner

    "I've only started using this product as my conditioner and I'm loving it so far. I just apply it on the middle part of my hair down to the ends, making sure that the tips are really drenched in it." - Cake Evangelista


    Price: P265 for 250ml

    Where to buy: BeautyMNL

  10. Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner

    "I use this for both co-washing and conditioning because it's the best at making my curls effortlessly defined even without a styler. For co-washing, I wet my hair, scrub my scalp with the conditioner using my fingers, and then rinse off completely while detangling my hair (with my fingers or a wide-toothed comb). I then get a generous amount of the same conditioner, apply it on my curls, then proceed to do the 'squish to condish' technique for about five minutes.


    "After a minute or two, I rinse my hair just slightly (making sure some of the product still remains), squeeze off excess water, and dry it a bit by scrunching with a microfiber towel. While my hair air-dries, I spritz on a bit of a water-and-conditioner mixture (just enough to wet my hands) and scrunch out the curls. I do this routine every day.

    "When I feel like I have a lot of buildup, I scrub my scalp with the conditioner mixed with a tablespoon of brown sugar. I do this step once a week or once every two weeks." - Ginyn Noble

    Price: P189.75 for 887 ml

    Where to buy: Watsons, The SM Store, select supermarkets 


*Answers were edited for clarity.

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