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What To Do If You're Bored With Your Hair, Aside From Cutting Your Bangs

How to switch up your hairstyle
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I get it. You've been staying at home for almost a year. Salon trips aren't allowed and going out is part of distant history. Life has been put to a pause. You begin to crave change, and your hair becomes the easy target that will help you satisfy the need to shake things up.

Survey says that the most popular thing to do when stressed or bored is to cut our bangs. But before you reach for the scissors, I'm here to tell you that there are other things you can do to switch up your 'do. Here are my suggestions:

Easy Ways To Change Your Hairstyle, If You're Bored With Your Hair

  1. Wear cute hair accessories

    The easiest trick in the book is to put on a colorful headband, cute ribbon or a pretty barrette. Don't forget to take a selfie cos you're a cutie.

  2. Switch up your hair part.

    A five-second trick that will change up your look! Flip your hair to the other side or try a middle part. (READ: Which Side Should You *Really* Part Your Hair, According To A Hairstylist)

  3. Go for braids

    If Taylor Swift did it for her Evermore album cover, it must be worth trying. You can go with pigtail plaits or braided space buns, for starters.

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  4. Try heatless curls

    If you're like me who finds using a curling iron time-consuming, try the heatless method. Put damp hair in braids or into a sock bun to reveal soft waves after a few hours.

  5. Color your hair

    Choose a shade a bit lighter than your natural hair color. Try a bubble dye formula so it's easy to apply.


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