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7 Easy And Pretty Hairstyles For Girls Who Are Tamad Magsuklay

Low-maintenance girl-approved!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/reigermar, (RIGHT) Instagram/lovipoe

When I say I truly understand when a girl is too lazy to brush her hair, I say it from the bottom of my heart: I am part of #TeamNoSuklay ever since the ECQ has started. But, since we all have to look presentable for our WFH meetings, we must step it up ~a little bit~. Allow me to introduce you hairstyles that only require finger-combing (and maybe some help from a conditioner *wink, wink*). Check out the effortless styles below:

  1. Undone waves

    Those bends you get when you let your hair dry on its own, well, they're classified as cool-girl waves!

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  2. Voluminous hair flip

    Get a volume boost without the help of heat styling tools by flipping your hair to one side.

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  3. Messy bun

    Put your locks up in a bun, and voila—instantly put-together with your hair away from the face.

  4. Bandana headband

    Grab a bandana and tie it around your head—those are all you need to do.

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  5. Banana hair clip

    I swear, this 2000s hair accessory will make your WFH life so much easier.

    Bella hadid wearing a banana hair clip
    Josiah Kamau of BuzzFoto via Getty Images

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  6. Half-pony with face-framing bangs

    Growing out your bangs? This messy chic hairstyle is made for you!

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  7. Loose braids

    Here's a hairstyle that you can try if you think a low ponytail is too basic for you A-game.

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