8 Hairstyles Perfect For Curly Hair

You can totally do these by yourself!
PHOTO: Instagram/gerypenaso

Whether you have naturally curly hair, sport permed locks, or enjoy heat-styled waves, here are some looks you can easily do by yourself: 

The Hun

Put your hair up in a high half-pony, then wrap it into a bun, and secure it in place. For this style, big curls = fresh look!

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Blunt Bob

Part your hair on one side and use a styling mousse to give more texture and bend to your curls.

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Curly hair, don't care. ;)

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Middle Part 

Having an imperfect middle part will balance out your kinky locks and make them look more effortless.

Flipped Over

If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, this is the way to go!

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Old Hollywood

Gather your mane to one side and smooth out the top of your hair for a red carpet-ready finish.

Clipped Up

Minimalist hair accessories will add a nice accent to this look!

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Cool Girl Ponytail

Don't forget to tame your baby hairs to let your curls ~*shine*~!

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