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Follow These Tips To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Para hindi sayang pera mo!
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So you finally jumped the gun and decided to get your hair colored, yay! Your new hue has a life span of about a month or so before the pigment starts to fade—ang bilis 'no? How we wish our dark blonde tresses would last ~forever~, but that's not really possible. You can, however, put off your next salon appointment for a *little* longer.

YouTuber Kristen Leanne shared some tips on how to prevent your hair color from fading too quickly, and you best believe we took down notes. Keep on scrolling to read her advice:

  1. Wash your hair less often.

    Washing your hair every day will strip away the color from your tresses faster. Limit it to three to four times a week to extend the life span of your dye job.

  2. Invest in a dry shampoo.

    On your no-wash days, you can use a dry shampoo to freshen up your mane and prevent the greasy feel.

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  3. Avoid hot water when showering.

    Showering with hot water may feel heavenly on your body, but not so much for your chemically-treated hair. It lifts the outer cuticle layer, making the color fade a lot faster. If you can, stick to cold or lukewarm rinse.

  4. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

    Now that you've got colored hair, you need to be more mindful about the products you use. Check the label—make sure they don't contain sulfate as it can strip away the dye and may further dry out your locks.

    Human Nature
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  5. Mix your hair dye with your conditioner.

    To keep your color from fading away after every wash, mix a little bit of your hair dye to your conditioner. This will refresh your hue and make it look brand-new!

  6. Treat your tresses with hair masks.

    Chemically-treated hair is often dry and frizzy, so make sure to give it some TLC by using a hair mask every week or so.

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  7. Keep away from the pool.

    You might want to steer clear of swimming pools if you've got dyed hair as the chlorine in the water will strip away the natural oils and pigment from your locks.

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Watch the rest of Kristen's video here:


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