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Everything You Need To Know About Coloring Your Hair At Home

Your ultimate guide to DIY dye jobs is here.
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Getting your hair colored at a salon may cost from P2,000 to as much as P15,000. Not gonna lie—that's A LOT of money! But, we do have to understand that there is a reason stylists charge a hefty fee. Colorists are trained to mix dyes based on your desired shade, and they know how to evenly apply the dye on your locks—whether you have root regrowth or not.

But if you want to save on coloring, the best way is to buy a box dye and do it yourself at home. This, of course, comes with risk. Dyeing your own locks is no easy feat. You need patience and good arm strength. Scoring even color application can be a challenge when you're on Team Sariling Sikap.

Worry not, because we've got a ~complete guide~ to coloring your hair at home. Read on to get schooled!

How to color hair at home: Choosing the shade

Dyeing your locks in a color that falls on the brown spectrum is the easiest. Blonde, highlights, and rainbow hair call for bleach—which takes a lot of skill and technique to execute. Leave those fancy shades to the professionals.

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These are the hair colors you may DIY:

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Deep brown

Chocolate brown

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Light brown

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How to color hair at home: Things you need

  • Newspaper to cover your working surface
  • A big and small mirror
  • Gloves
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Micellar water + cotton pads
  • Clips
  • Brush applicator
  • Plastic mixing bowl
  • Timer
  • Old t-shirt or a cape

How to color hair at home: Basic reminders

  1. It's important to do a patch test before anything else. Place a bit of the dye on your neck and let it sit for a few minutes to find out if your skin reacts to the dye. 

  2. Brush off the tangles before applying the hair dye. Plus, make sure you work with hair that's free of any styling product. This step is to ensure that the dye will stick and process well on your strands.

  3. Every dye has its own instructions, so make sure to read everything first.

  4. Take note of the dye's curing time. When you leave it on too long, the roots (where you probably have virgin hair) will turn lighter than the rest of your strands. On the other hand, rinsing it before the recommended time will prevent the dye from showing its color. 

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  5. Hair dye can stain so cover your working area with newspaper. Your mirror should be large enough to show you your whole head. Then, having a small mirror with you can help you check the back of your head.

  6. You're working with chemicals so it's important to wear latex gloves for protection. Put them on before mixing the developer and the dye. 

  7. Wear an old t-shirt or a black cape because the dye can stain.

  8. It's highly recommended that you color the roots last because the heat coming from your scalp makes the color process faster. If you do the opposite, they will end up lighter than the rest of your locks.

  9. One box is enough for short hair, two boxes for shoulder-length, and so on. But, add another box if you have thick locks.

  10. What you see on the box may not be the same color you'll see on your hair. There is such a thing as "levels." You can't get blonde locks in one sitting.

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  11. Soak your dyed locks in hair treatment to bring back nourishment. Hair color may strip off your strands' moisture. Look for hair masks that will resurrect chemically-treated strands.

How to color hair at home using a box dye

The usual box dyes come in liquid and cream formulas. You'll need a brush applicator and a plastic mixing bowl for a seamless application. Divide your hair into different sections, and start near the nape. Watch this clip to learn how professional stylists separate the tresses:

DIY: Hair Sectioning for Perfect Color Application

Before moving on to the next section, rub the dye in for an even finish. Cover each section with the product, leaving the roots behind. Repeat this step until you're done with the whole head. For a complete step-by-step demo, watch this informative video:

How to Color Your Hair at Home

How to color hair at home using a foam dye

Foam dye or bubble hair color is easier to apply than traditional hair dyes. All you need to do is to massage it all over your hair like you would a shampoo. It's that simple! You're guaranteed even color with minimal effort.

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