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How To Instantly Get *Glossy* Hair Without Going To The Salon

Easy hacks and instant solutions, right this way.
How to get shiny hair
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Good day, friends. I bring you a tamad-girl-friendly guide on how to get smooth, shiny hair without getting a salon treatment. Trust me, regardless of your hair texture, this handy dandy guide will help you score the most Instagrammable hair of your life.

How To Get Shiny Hair At Home

  1. Nourish with a hair mask or conditioner

    First things first. If you want super shiny hair, you must let your strands soak in a deep-conditioning hair product after you shampoo. Curly-haired gals will love silicone-free formulas. On the other hand, if you've got straight locks, go for a product rich in keratin.

    Human Nature Coco Revival Mask

    Human Nature Natural Hair Revival Mask, P335, Lazada


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    Zenutrients Coco Honey Smoothening Conditioner

    Zenutrients Coco Honey Smoothening Conditioner, P260, Watsons


  2. Say goodbye to buildup

    A major culprit of dull strands is scalp and hair residue. You can wash with a salt shampoo or try a clarifying formula every two weeks or once a month, depending on how greasy your scalp gets. Alternatively, your can massage your hair and scalp with rinsing vinegar before the last rinse.

    Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt & Bergamot Shampoo Deep Restore Shampoo

    Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt & Bergamot Shampoo Deep Restore Shampoo, P390, Watsons


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  3. Try a conditioning hair mist

    I swear by hair mists with nourishing and conditioning agents to keep the hair tangle-free. Spritz on dry hair and finger-comb for a smooth, shiny finish.

    Luxe Organix x Anna Cay 2in1 Hair Mist Fresh Floral

    Luxe Organix x Anna Cay 2in1 Hair Mist Fresh Floral, P199, Watsons


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  4. Use a shine-boosting product

    Okay, I admit this one's pretty obvious. Grab a shine-boosting hair serum or hair oil and massage it on the hair, avoiding the roots. If you have more time in your hands, you can heat-style your strands first (straighten or curl 'em, depends on your mood) before applying the product.

    Kracie Himawari Premium Hair Treatment Oil,

    Kracie Himawari Premium Hair Treatment Oil, P895, Lazada


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    Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray

    Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray, P1,100, Sephora


  5. Brush your hair 

    There's no shortcut for this step. Remove the tangles and brush your hair. If you've got curly hair, you can skip this step: Just rub hair oil and twist the ends to bring out the curls. Wavy gals can just chill and scrunch the waves to bring out their natural texture.

    Wet Brush Original Detangler Pink

    Wet Brush Original Detangler Pink, P599, Shopee


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