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5 Ways To Wear Pearls In Your Hair On Your Wedding Day

The possibilities are endless.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mandymooremm, (RIGHT) Instagram/jenatkinhair

When you think of wedding accessories, we bet flowers, crowns, and all sorts of sparkling clips come to mind. But you should definitely add pearls into the mix; you don't have to limit them to your ears and neck anymore! Because of their classic look, Glamour says "they're the rare hair accessory that never ages"—and WE. COULDN'T. AGREE. MORE! 

Here, you can check out the different ways to wear them on your big day:

1. Weave into your braids 

Ariana Grande transformed her regular braids by using pearls of varying sizes to give her hair a chic touch.

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2. Add to a side part 

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If you plan to wear your hair down, take inspo from Mandy Moore's pearl-on-pearl look for a charming bohemian vibe!

3. Dress up a sleek bun

Sleek buns already look amazing, but Chrissy Teigen's giant pearls took them up a notch and made her hairstyle wearable for any formal occasion.

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4. Adorn a messy ponytail

Strategically placing pearls on your ponytail will take it from "meh" to "wow!"

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5. Upgrade a simple updo

A simple hairstyle paired with a classic accessory will always look ~gorgeous~.

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