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Guiltless Gastos: Laser Hair Removal VS. Other Methods

Is it really worth the price?
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I love wearing sleeveless tops because I believe that when my arms are exposed, my petite frame would look taller. So, I always made sure that my underarms were hair-free. When I was younger, I would always pluck the hairs. But. it troubled me when I felt a chicken skin-like texture on my armpits. I knew I had to do something about it.

I decided to invest in laser hair removal. Sure, it was way more expensive than tweezing them (which is free labor courtesy of me!), but after much deliberation, I concluded that the procedure falls under the Guiltless Gastos Category. Read on to see my ~report~.

What does laser hair removal do?

Laser waves emit light on the hair, which converts to heat that eventually damages the follicle and bulb. This process slows down hair growth and sometimes, permanent hair reduction.

How long does its effect last?

In some cases, one becomes hair-free after the sixth visit, but there are times when she needs to reach eight to 12 sessions to see results. Personally, my underarm hair disappeared after the seventh laser hair removal procedure. 


Aestheticians and dermatologists recommend to getting a touch-up procedure once a year to maintain hair-free underarms.

Let's discuss and compare how much I would have spent to remove underarm hair for the past four years vs. laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Cost: P2,500 per session; P12,500 for seven sessions (a special bundle)

How often: You need at least six sessions to see hair-free results.

I got the Skin House GentleMax Pro Package back in 2015. I remember paying P12,500 for seven sessions (6 + 1 bundle). Fast forward to 2019, my underarms are still hair-free. I have a maybe two or three strands left that I just need to trim every four months or so.


Cost: Average of P250 per session

How often: Once to twice a month

Total: P500 per month; P6,000 per year;

I would have spent P24,000 from 2015 to 2019 if I got my underarms waxed regularly.

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Cost: P250 per session

How often: Once to twice a month

Total: P500 per month; P6,000 per year

If I had my underarm hairs threaded from 2015 to 2019, I would have spent P24,000.


Cost: P75

How often: Every two weeks; razors are replaced every month.

Total: P75 x 12 months = P900

Four years of shaving would have cost me P3,600.

Depilatory cream

Cost: P115

How often: Every three weeks; a 25-gram tube of depilatory cream may last you for three months, depending on how often you remove hair.

Total: Approximately P460 every year

If I relied on depilatory creams for four years, I would have shelled out P1,840.


Cost: P119.75

How often: Every two weeks

Total: P119.75 for a lifetime

Four years of tweezing would have cost me P119.75. It appears to be the most matipid method.

Bottom line

At first glance, depilatory creams, tweezing, and shaving may save you pesos. But if you look at the larger picture, laser hair removal is the most cost-efficient choice.


It is true that laser hair removal costs a lot, especially when you need to pay upfront. But not worrying about underarm hair, chicken skin, and darkening for years were so worth it! I've been convincing my friends to get the treatment because it's liberating. I've also spoken to some girls who got laser hair removal and said this method was more environmentally friendly than buying (and throwing away) razors.

TL;DR: Peace of mind and smoother, hair-free underarms are so worth the P12,500 price tag.

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