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Light Brown Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2020

Try a cool-toned ash brown shade for a change!
PHOTO: Instagram: glaizaredux; jingmonissalon

For most of us Pinays, brown is the first hair color we've ever tried. After all, it's the second most natural-looking shade to black, and it's not too difficult to maintain. We won't be surprised if you've stuck with the classic color for years! At one point, though, you'll naturally want to switch things up, especially before a new year (or rather, a new decade) arrives. Our recommendation? Go a few shades lighter! The subtle update will make a big difference. For inspiration, check out these light brown dye jobs: 

  1. Ash brown 

    Take a break from your usual warm brown hair color, and try this cool-toned shade for a change! A mix of brown, silver, and gray, it complements both fair and warm complexions, and it's just as office-friendly as your go-to warm hair colors.

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  2. Light ash blonde 

    As its name connotes, this shade is a smoky blonde. Of course, it'll require more bleaching sessions to lift off the red and orange-y undertones in our Asian locks. But once achieved, the cool gray-ish hair creates an edgy contrast against warm complexions.  

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    If you don't want to go all the way, ask your stylist to paint some ash blonde streaks to your warm hair color for a subtle update: 

    These cool-toned highlights will keep warm hair colors from looking flat! 

  3. Light caramel

    Is your current 'do a golden brown shade? Dyeing it in a lighter caramel tone will be enough to freshen up your look for 2020. 

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    You can also update it with some honey-gold highlights for a sunkissed look! Just make sure to diligently follow a hair care routine to keep the streaks from looking dry. 

  4. Milk chocolate hair 

    If you're currently sporting a black or dark brown hair and want a softer look, going for this light brown hair color is the way to go. You can further add some honey highlights to add dimension to your dark locks.  

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  5. Chocolate brown

    Meanwhile, for the lady with dark black hair, you can soften your hair color with a chocolate brown shade. 

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  6. Gray-brown

    For a more dramatic yet still office-friendly makeover, try a grey dye job! What's nice is it'll gracefully grow out into a gorgeous ombré.