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We're Loving Maris Racal's Trendy DIY Micro Bangs

She has us *convinced* to chop off our locks, too!
PHOTO: instagram/mariesteller

Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, everyone was advised to stay at home to limit the spread of the disease. Physical distancing was highly encouraged, a curfew was implemented, and the number of people going out was regulated. All non-essential businesses had to be closed for the time being, too. This included hair salons, so for most of us, this meant letting our locks do their own thing for the entire duration of the quarantine.

Because of this, people decided to take matters into their own hands, aka cut their own tresses at home! (BTW, we've got a lot of easy DIY haircut tutorials here. *wink*). One of them is Maris Racal, who recently took to Instagram to show off her new ~sariling sikap~ haircut. She now has trendy micro bangs!

"I gave myself a micro fringe. So far, I'm loving it," she wrote in the caption. If she hadn't explicitly mentioned in her post that she did the haircut herself, we never would've guessed it was DIY—it looks that profesh! We must say, her current 'do reminds us of Joy of Red Velvet's full fringe, especially since Maris has long hair, too.


Time to reach for our scissors...

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