Park Seo Joon Has To Get His Hair Cut Every Four Days For 'Itaewon Class'

He totally doesn't recommend his hairstyle!
PHOTO: itaewon class/netflix

Park Seo Joon plays entrepreneur Park Sae Ro in Itaewon Class, a series based on a webtoon with the same name. He cut his beautiful swoon-worthy hair (the one we all loved in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?) to a bowl cut to bring his character to life. (You can watch his hair transformation here!)

In a press conference for Itaewon Class, Seo Joon talked more about his high maintenance haircut—he said that he has to have it cut every four days. That's a lot of commitment! "I’ve been maintaining this hairstyle for six months. Cutting my hair every four days," he confessed. Welp! Seo Joon makes our woes with bangs upkeep seem petty.

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So, if you're guy is eyeing on sporting a bowl cut like his, Seo Joon advised not to do so. "I thought that people wouldn’t copy this hairstyle, but many people are doing it. I heard that some hairstylists are having a hard time. It takes a lot more maintenance than it looks. I recommend that you don’t do it," he warned. 

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His friend, Park Hyung Sik, left the funniest comment on one of his posts to describe PSJ's unique haircut. He wrote: "Shiny chestnut." Now I can't unsee my mental image of PSJ as a chestnut, TYVM.


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You can watch Itaewon Class on Netflix.

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