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So... This Is How You Cut Sheer K-Style Bangs If You Have A Round Face

A small change makes a big difference!
How to cut Korean sheer bangs if you have a round face shape
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/jennierubyjane, YouTube/Chahong

I have to admit that the only thing that's stopping me to get K-style sheer bangs are my chubby cheeks. When you're born with a round face shape, your hairstyle options are limited. I have to consider if it will flatter my features or magnify the plumpness of my cheeks and my strong jawline. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's a reason to "hide" or "change" it. I just want to look cute or whateva. If you've got a round or square face shape, I'm sure that's your concern, too!

My hair inspo: Jennie of BLACKPINK

Jennie Kim with sheer bangs

Thankfully, I stumbled upon this step-by-step tutorial that shows the proper technique to cut Korean sheer bangs on your own. It's pretty straightforward, but I suggest that you watch it many times before grabbing a pair of shears.

The key is to snip the sections of hair above your ear! This way, the shape of the fringe will frame a round or square face shape well.

Korean sheer bangs tutorial
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Korean sheer bangs tutorial

Watch how you should cut sheer K-style bangs that will flatter a round face shape:

How to cut sheer K-style bangs

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