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What *Really* Happens When You Stop Brushing Your Hair

It looks like you better start unlearning this bad habit.
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We understand that there are times when we forget to brush our hair because our minds are busy thinking of pressing matters or maybe we're just going through a ~tamad~ phase. We wondered if this habit is something we should worry about so we asked celebrity hairstylist and salon owner Mark Anthony Rosales of Marqed Salon to find out! Scroll down to see his answer and hair care tips.

What happens if you stop brushing your hair?

Mark isn't up for this habit! He says that it neglecting to brush your strands can damage them and may cause more problems. "I don’t recommend it because it can cause more tangles and oil buildup," he explains. To add to his response, when you do not comb your locks, your hair dries in odd shapes (a not cute one, BTW) and may look buhaghag and frizzy.

What can I do if my hair is already full of tangles?

Mark warns that you must be extra careful when removing the buhol. "Trying to tug these tangles with a brush may lead to hair breakage. You may try to finger-comb in a gentle manner to untangle the knots. Use a conditioner or apply hair oils and serums to lessen the friction and tension on the hair. You can also try argan oil to help the tangles slip through brush or comb more easily. Most importantly, brush your hair from ends to roots to avoid hair breakage," he details.


What's a simple hair care routine can I try for my specific hair type?

Mark suggested lazy girl-friendly regimens for each hair type, so take notes!

Straight hair - "Shampooing is very important to maintain a healthy straight hair. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Its formula can cleanse your scalp and hair without compromising your strands' natural moisture. Don’t towel-wrap your locks to avoid friction that can cause breakage," Mark advises. We recommend that you grab an old cotton tee or a microfiber hair wrap to soak up wet tresses.

Wavy - "Wavy hair always looks party-ready, but it's difficult to take care of. Invest in a deep conditioner and apply it once a week. Deep conditioning of wavy hair can instantly hydrate, repair the damage, and boost shine. Air-dry your hair for a healthier mane," Mark recommends. You can double the protection and moisture by massaging leave-in conditioners on the tips.

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Curly - "Natural curly hair tends to be dry because the oils produced by your scalp struggle to reach the ends. Keep it moisturized by always using conditioner. Apply the conditioner four inches away from the roots to avoid the greasy feel, product buildup, and dandruff. Style with a wide-tooth comb and start from ends to roots to prevent tangles," Mark suggests. If you want more in-depth info on CGM-approved routines, check out this Pinay's kulot-friendly regimen here.

You can visit Marqed Salon at 59 Connecticut St., Greenhills. 


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