Try These Hacks To Give Thin Hair More Volume

There's no need to rush to the salon just yet.
PHOTO: youtube/allure korea

Contrary to popular belief, working with fine hair isn't as easy and straightforward as it seems. It's a lot more prone to looking limp and lifeless, plus it doesn't hold well when styled with heat. There's no need to sprint to the nearest salon to book a Brazilian blowout just yet, though. There are some techniques you can do to give the illusion of more volume.

Thankfully, Allure Korea made a helpful and easy-to-understand tutorial on how to add more volume to fine, limp hair. Keep on scrolling to read their hacks:

  1. Place bobby pins at the back of your head to make your hair appear thicker.

    When you style thin hair into a ponytail, remember this bobby pin hack: Grab some hair from the top of your head and push it up a bit to create volume, then secure it in place using two bobby pins. Afterward, gather it along with the remaining hair and tie it in a ponytail. You can also gently pull at some parts at the crown area to ~poof~ it up a bit more.

  2. Use a special rubber band to keep your hairstyle in place.

    Normal hair ties are usually coated, which can be a problem if you have thin hair because they are prone to sliding down as the day goes by. To remedy this, you can try getting the rubber bands that have more grip, so you can be sure that your hairstyle will stay put a lot longer.

  3. Push the hair up with a tail comb to add volume.

    When it comes to creating volume, we usually focus on the hairline, but what we must know is that the hair behind the ears is equally important. Divide it into two sections. On the back part, place the tail comb close to the scalp and push it up and down for more volume. Then, focus a hairdryer on it for a few seconds to keep its shape. You can do this in other parts of your tresses that you think needs more ~oomph~.

Watch the full video here:

3 Tips For Thin Hairstyling | Allure Korea

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