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Hair Color Trends To Try Just In Time For 2019

Thaaaat champagne blonde!
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If you're anything like me, the change in season and year comes with a want need to change up your hair. With that in mind, I spoke to Senior Creative Colorist, Francesca Dixon, from Hari's Salon in London, to find out exactly which hair colors will be trending over the next few months. 

From auburn babylights to champagne-beige blondes, these are the cutest color trends!

Golden Girl

"Golden hair is my favorite trend...People are often scared of choosing slightly warmer tones as they don't want their hair to turn orange, but there is a huge difference between orange and gorgeous warm gold," says Francesca. "[By] choosing the correct colorist, booking a consultation, and ensuring you are comfortable with your stylist will [ensure] that you will get the results you want."

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Auburn Lights

"When you think of [the Ber months], you think of auburn hair, so naturally I get a lot of clients asking about this shade in the salon. Auburn is however, a very hard color to pull off if it's the wrong tone," she explains. "As a colorist, you have to think about cool auburn tones and warm auburn tones, and choose which tone will make your client's features pop rather than drain them."

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Marbled Chocolate Melt

"The next big trend for brunettes? Two tonal," says Francesca. "This is a base color of dark brunette melting into a slightly lighter brunette to create a dual tone effect."

Bronze Flashes

"Another of my favorite hair trends is brunettes with colored tips. Blending a brunette into a chocolate plum, or a brunette into a bronze tip can look stunning. This is a style which is great for turning a grown out ombre into something new and refreshed!" 

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Gray Fade

"Gray isn't going anywhere," says Francesca. "In the salon, I'm doing a lot of silver-gray tones for my clients, so you can expect to see the shade sticking around for the rest of the year."

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Cocoa Tips

According to Francesca, "People want undone, low maintenance 'no color color' [hair]. For me, this means enhancing the hair's natural shade, with just a light sun kiss through the ends."

Champagne Beige

"Usually clients want to go brighter and more ashy in summer, then tone things down. However, I'm seeing more and more requests from clients who want to keep the brightness but adapt a tone that matches with the seasonal change."

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Peach Haze

Francesca explains, "Hues of peach are suuuper popular at the moment! Copper auburn with a pop of pink, peach or yellow is also trending, and an extremely simple yet effective way to change your color."

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