All The Things You Can Try To Have Fresh Breath

It takes three steps to get rid of bad breath.
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There’s a difference with some bit of bad breath in the a.m. and having round the clock halitosis.  Although certain food items are the culprit behind this oral dilemma, a person’s dental environment can also be at fault. 

Like body odor, noxious fumes from your mouth is never a good thing in the workplace or in a social setting. In more extreme cases of halitosis, aka chronic bad breath, it would be wise to consult with a specialist to receive the right medical treatment. On the other hand, run of the mill oral stench can be solved with these simple tricks.


Anyone knows a quick swish can instantly turn your mouth into a refreshing cavern. Finish off your oral routine with a good gargle.

Best mouthwash for bad breath: Listerine Total Care Mouthwash

This bathroom sink staple is recognized across the globe. Rich in flouride, the Listerine Total Care is proven to have a total of six oral benefits: It reduces plaque, fights against cavities, prevents the buildup of tartar. It also keeps the gums healthy and provides 24-hour fresh breath while killing germs.

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Listerine Total Care Mouthwash, P306, Watsons

Best mouthwash for bad breath: Bactidol

Bacterial movement in the nose to the throat can cause a person’s breath to have an unpleasant odor. An oral antiseptic like Bactidol offers the necessary relief for a variety of infections while preventing further bacterial for a clean, fresh smelling breath.

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Bactidol, P177, Lazada

Best mouthwash for bad breath: Perfect Smile Gargle Stick

Made famous by everyone’s favorite Crazy Rich Asian: Heart Evangelista, Perfect Smile Gargle Stick freshens the breath while whitening the teeth in as little as seven days!

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Perfect Smile Gargle Stick, P25 per stick, Watsons


That white yucky buildup right smack in your tongue is from all the food gunk you’ve neglected to clean up. Don’t skip this step! Scrape away the bacteria with one of these implements.

Best tongue cleaner for bad breath: Oral B Essential Floss

Flossing to remove food particles and buildup between the teeth and gums keeps your mouth from breeding halitosis-causing bacteria. Flossing to remove that annoying piece of popcorn isn’t the only use for floss, a piece of waxed string can be used to gently scrape and clean the tongue. Remember to tread lightly and to rinse your mouth when done.

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Oral B Essential Floss, P175, Watsons

Best tongue cleaner for bad breath: Colgate 360° Toothbrush

ICYMI, that rough pad behind the bristles of a toothbrush is meant for gently scraping the tongue and inner cheeks.

Colgate 360° Toothbrush, P92, Lazada

Best tongue cleaner for bad breath: Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

Traditionalists will love Dr. Tung’s. This stainless steel tool is designed specifically to help scrape out debris and bacteria on the tongue. Ask any dental expert and they will tell you that nothing beats the real deal. So if there’s space on your sink for this doodad, ADD TO CART.

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Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner, P325.04, iHerb


For a quick fix, pop a mint. You can’t always be packing a toothbrush, mints, on the other hand, fit the smallest bags and are in every convenience store.

Best mints for bad breath: Danni Parcca Lip Scrub & Breath Mint

It’s hard not to love a two in one product. This pot filled with edible scrub keeps your puckers soft and your breath minty fresh.

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Danni Parcca Lip Scrub & Breath Mint, P700, BeautyMNL

Best mints for bad breath: Altoids Peppermint

You can’t go wrong with something that’s been around since 1780? It doesn’t hurt that the mints are tiny and can be popped in your mouth discreetly. So go ahead and eat that garlic bread, Altoids has you covered.

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Altoids Peppermint, P199, Watsons

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